The Danish and The Dutch

Little comic strips that showcase the similarities, differences and funny relationship between Danes and Dutchmen -- This is purely based on experience or oftentimes unreliable sources (sources: various Dutchmen :P)


11. What To Put In A Salad


Okay, so maybe this is not true for all Danes, as well as it might not be true for all Dutchmen. But! *STORYTIME*
during my time in the Netherlands so far, I've come to realize that Dutchies in general are not too creative with their dinner sides. The first time my Dutch boyfriend was in Denmark, my mother asked me to make a salad for dinner, and I was pretty much using every fruit and vegetable available in the fridge - including mushrooms. 

When we went back to my in-laws in the Netherlands, my mother-in-law asked us to go shopping for ingredients for a salad for dinner. This is what my boyfriend bought: a bag of pre-cut and pre-washed rocket/rucola, a tray of cherry tomatoes and a bottle of garlic dressing. That was literally it.

When I told my Dutch friends months later - because I was still shocked at the simplicity and lack of creativity - they told me that was what they would've done as well. Then we had a dinner party with my Nordic colleagues from Sweden, Norway, Finland, and of course Denmark, and they were complaining about the same thing and thought I was perfectly normal for wanting to put watermelon in a salad to make it nice. 


Also, I'm sorry about my handwriting. 

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