The Danish and The Dutch

Little comic strips that showcase the similarities, differences and funny relationship between Danes and Dutchmen -- This is purely based on experience or oftentimes unreliable sources (sources: various Dutchmen :P)


12. The Regent's Birthday


Despite being among the few remaining monarchies of Northern Europe, Denmark has never really been a country to praise their regent. Unless you start your day watching TV, you're most likely to discover that it is the queen's birthday in one of two ways;
1) Wondering why there are flags on top of the busses since it isn't Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, or Constitution Day and you take your time to Google it or ask someone who actually knows, or
2) You're watching the evening news and the broadcasting channel has found it important enough to be mentioned as a side remark. 

In the Netherlands, though, you're a true idiot if you don't notice when it's the regent's birthday. For starters, it is a public holiday, so most people are off for this national celebration. Secondly, EVERYTHING will be orange. People will be wearing orange clothes, wigs, flags, etc. to show pride in their nation (Oranje = Orange) and look silly doing it. The streets of the capital city - Amsterdam - could never fit all its inhabitants, and people know this. But there is one day a year when they decide to challenge this fact anyway: you've guessed it - King's Day (or Queen's Day, depending on the gender of the reigning monarch).

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