The Danish and The Dutch

Little comic strips that showcase the similarities, differences and funny relationship between Danes and Dutchmen -- This is purely based on experience or oftentimes unreliable sources (sources: various Dutchmen :P)


9. Polite vs. Impolite

The idea with this one is to exemplify the differences between the way normal Dutchmen address other people and the way normal Danes do. Fun fact: in some Dutch families, the children are expected to call even their parents "u" (the formal way of addressing an older person or one of higher social standing than oneself). In strong contrast to this, Danes are a lot less formal in speech. On several occasions, journalists or spokesmen of organizations have failed to address even the Danish royal family with the formal way of saying "you". Therefore, Dutchmen seem to think that Danes are quite rude, whereas Danes tend to find the Dutch ways slightly old-fashioned. 

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