The Danish and The Dutch

Little comic strips that showcase the similarities, differences and funny relationship between Danes and Dutchmen -- This is purely based on experience or oftentimes unreliable sources (sources: various Dutchmen :P)


4. Holland Or The Netherlands?

The difference between Holland and the Netherlands doesn't exist in Denmark. In fact, if you say "the Netherlands" in Danish, people will laugh at you and be like, "dude, it's Holland". However, you might actually insult some Dutchmen by insisting that they're from Holland. The truth is that in the Netherlands, there are different parts, and these parts have names. Two of these names are Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland. These happen to be the places with the biggest amount of large cities, which is why people from larger cities typically won't feel offended when someone tells them their country is called Holland. Confusing? Noooot at aaaaall

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