Her Death

When a girl named, Lacey, goes to live with the boys from 5SOS and 1D after she finds out her family have died and try's to commit suicide, only to be found by Luke and Niall, what will her following years be like before her depression, anorexia, anxiety and self-harm causes her to commit suicide?


4. Day 6-7: Diary Entry 1

Dear Diary,

It's been a WEEK a whole week since I tried to die. I cant believe they fucking found me. Luke and that other blonde guy, Niall? Oh i don't know I've never been good at remembering names, all thanks to moving and people being repulsed at me because I'm fat, ugly, and worthless. ➿ 

*Wow you got something right for once!*

➿ Anyway, they've been bombarding me with questions, I just wish they would leave me alone. I mean, I came here, to this house they all live in, 2 days ago. There acting like they genuinely care. ➿

*HA! You don't believe that smart little act there doing do you. Well, what do I expect, your a dumb ass bitch so you probably won't. So let me hand it to you on a fucking silver platter, THEY WANT YOU DEAD, THEY DONT CARE AND NEVER WILL, JUST LIKE YOUR FUCKING FAMILY, THATS WHY THEY LEFT, SO THEY DIDNT GAVE TOVSEE THE DISGUSTING MESS OF A DAUGHTER, DONT YOU GET IT?!* 
\Yes I get it, thanks again.../ 
*For once, asshole.* 

➿ They keep giving me things to eat, not that I do, I'm trying to be thin, not get even more fat, and as for my blade, well I don't have it, I cant find anything either, guess I'm going to have to go see if I can retrieve one from my old house. ➿ 

*Logic, nice thinking bitch* 

➿Anyway, I need to go, Calum? I think it is anyway is calling me, probably to get another spider out of the bathtub, because apparently I'm not scared of anything.➿ 

*Ha! Your fucking scared of me your worthless piece of shit, now stop being fucking pathetic and stop writing in a fucking diary like a 10 year old* 

➿ Yeah, so, bye I guess....
. x

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