Her Death

When a girl named, Lacey, goes to live with the boys from 5SOS and 1D after she finds out her family have died and try's to commit suicide, only to be found by Luke and Niall, what will her following years be like before her depression, anorexia, anxiety and self-harm causes her to commit suicide?


9. Day 17

You opened your eyes and heard birds singing outside your window, that’s annoying, well to you anyway... you rubbed your eyes and sat up in bed, looking at your alarm clock to see it was 8:37am, you knew you wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep even just for an hour, so you decided to go see if any of the boys were up. As you walked down the stairs you heard more noise coming from the kitchen. You never knew how they all can be so happy, you mean, all they do is laugh and are smiling like 24/7, what’s with that? You hate people who are always happy...but these boys are different...

‘’Hey!’’ They all shouted as you walked into the kitchen. ‘’What do you want to do today?’’ ‘’Sleep’’ ‘’Really?!’’ Ashton asked with his eyebrow raised. ‘’Yes, really, I haven’t slept properly for the last 4 days, I don’t know what it is but I know I need a decent amount if sle-‘’ You couldn’t finish the sentence without yawning, which all the boys smirked at. ‘’What?! I told you I was tired!’’
‘’Okay, well were going shopping today, do you want someone to stay with you?’’ You sighed, knowing exactly were this was going.

It was like this;

They wanted to stay with you so they know you will eat something and won’t cut.

It was the same with your parents before they stopped caring.

And it was the same with your best friend, Lena, before she stopped caring, got a boyfriend, became popular and looked at you like you were a piece of shit.

It seemed that Mark was the only one that cared anymore, he was the one who stuck by you, through everything that happened, through every cut, and meal you had missed, Mark had been there to hold you as your cried.

And that’s when it hit you, you had been ignoring every call and text from him, in nearly 18 days you haven’t talked or seen the only person who seemed to care...
You felt a tear roll down your cheek as someone clicked their fingers in front of your face, bringing you out of your little daydream.
‘’Lacey, what do you want for breakfast?’’ ‘’I don’t want anything...’’ You said as you wiped a tear away and ran back up the stairs, slamming your bedroom door and diving straight onto your bed, for your phone. 

You scrolled desperately through your contact list, (not like you had many people to call or text), and when you got to Mark’s name you breathed a sigh of nerves and relief. Should you ring him, or not?

Lot’s of questions had been swirling around your min these nearly 3 weeks you had been staying in this house;

Why did they take you in?

Why did they give a fuck about you?

And what the fuck was Mark going to do if you speak to him again?
There were more questions flooding into your fucked up little mind every minute, and which seems like every day.
But the one that spun around in your head at that moment in time was;

Shall I ring Mark, the one who cared for me when no one else did, or should I blank him out, push him out of my life, well it wouldn’t bother you, because everyone else did it...

Whilst you were staring down at your phone, you could start to hear somebody banging on your door, great another person who won’t stop fussing over me...

‘’Just go away! Please! Just go away!’’ ‘’Lacey, open the door now, don’t do anything stupid please!’’ Luke cried.

As you felt sorry for Luke, and the shit you put all the boys through, but still talk to them...

You also felt sorry for Mark, all the shit you put him through but won’t even talk to him...

What the fuck do you do?

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