Her Death

When a girl named, Lacey, goes to live with the boys from 5SOS and 1D after she finds out her family have died and try's to commit suicide, only to be found by Luke and Niall, what will her following years be like before her depression, anorexia, anxiety and self-harm causes her to commit suicide?


8. Day 16

"Don't you have school or something?" Louis asked, walking into the kitchen. "Yeah, but I kinda have 2 weeks of at the moment, then when I go back it's exams, exams and more...exams" "Ok then...so when are you supposed to go back exactly?" "Well it only started about 5 Days ago so I have 9 days left of bordem." "No you don't! You have us!" And suddenly Calum had joined in the conversation. "Morning to you too" You laughed. "Yeh well were going to go skateboarding today if you wanna come, ii don't know if u can skate but yeah..." "No I CAN skateboard, but I don't know if I wanna come to be honest" "Well, do you really think its a good idea leaving you all due to your current position..." Louis stated and Calum nodded his head. "There's nothing wrong with my 'current position' " "Lacey, you don't have to lie you know, we know what's happening with you." "No you don't! You don't know one thing about me! You don't know my likes and dislikes, about my childhood, my school life, my favourite music, food and friends! So don't even dare say you know stuff about me, because you simply don't!!!" With that you stormed upstairs and slammed the door leaping on your bed and cried in a little ball...

*Why did you say you have friends you idiot, because your just a fucking loner!*

You screamed and threw your pillows at the door and just cried for what seemed like hours.


"Lacey...Can we come in?" You heard someone whisper. You must have dozed off.

"Yeah sure." You yawned and kind of smiled as you saw all the boys file into your room. "What are you all doing?" "Nice!" Ashton laughed. "Not like that you dork" "I'm appualed! Dork you say?!" "Ashton stop flirting because you aren't even good at it! And Lacey, because of what you said earlier about us not knowing about you, wed like to take this opportunity to get to know you, if you don't mind?" Calum exaggerated. "Yeah that's fine"

"Ok me first! What are your likes?" Harry smiled that cheeky smile. "Ok so I like the idea of piercings and tattoos, Erm, I love to draw and listen to a LOT of music, I love twitter basically because nobody has to know anything about you but you can still fit in, I like fashion magazines and fashion shows oh and I LOVE to go to concerts, I've been to see a few bands live to be honest."

"Cool, know your dislikes..." Calum nodded along. "I hate girly girl things and pink stuff with diamantes, I hate people who think their better than every one else, I hate opera music and classical music, oh and old music from like the 1940s to 1980s, Erm and I hate when its really really hot and you feel like you literally cant breath." "Oh I hate that too!" Luke pointed out. "You live in Australia isn't that like hot 24/7 you idiot?" Zayn snorted. "Right I do not appreciate our band being tormented by yours because your jelly of us to be honest, we have been called dorks, emos and idiots and I don't want to her any more thank you!" Ashton ranted on.

"Ok then...Childhood and School life?" " Erm my childhood was ok, I mean I didn't really live near any other kids so I didn't play to be honest I was quite a quiet kid and just stated in and read and played games online, on my mums computer. Plus school, high school to be in fact, I've only had 1 proper friend and he knows like everything about me but he's away at the minute so he dosnt know about all this, but high school i really hare it all I just want to get it all over and done with." "How come?" Liam whispered. "Because im basically hated and come on I have one friend and sometimes I don't even hang around with him..." "Oh..."

"So lastly, music?" "Ok so my favourite thing is music and my favourite bands are probably- Paramore, Blink-182, Green Day, Linkin Park, All Time Low, Nirvana and Nickelback." "So cool we love all them bands!!!" Luke gushed and you just laughed at how excited he was getting.

"So do you want to come skateboarding with us?" Niall asked. "I guess so, I've got nothing else better to do." "Ok well meet you outside" "Ok."

You put some black skinny jeans on, converses, a Paramore t-shirt and a hoodie, grabbed your phone and ran down the stairs to the door. You grabbed the skateboard Michael had and jumped onto it, skating down the him, doing a trick at the bottom. "She's said she was good, but not that good!" Calum laughed with Louis.

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