Her Death

When a girl named, Lacey, goes to live with the boys from 5SOS and 1D after she finds out her family have died and try's to commit suicide, only to be found by Luke and Niall, what will her following years be like before her depression, anorexia, anxiety and self-harm causes her to commit suicide?


7. Day 11-15

Day 11;
You woke up in your bed, the bed in the boys house. As you pulled the covers back you had realised what you had done a couple of days before. Cut. You saw that your arms and thighs were bandaged up, you carefully unravelled them to see, what you saw as beauty, you had done to yourself. You run your fingers over the cuts on your thighs, instantly itching them to see the blood appear and slip down your leg. 

"Lacey! What are you doing?!" You looked up to see a teared stained Zayn, who instantly came up to you and got some antiseptic wipes and put some new bandages on your thighs. "Please don't do that, your making them worse..." "Like you care" "I cant believed you would say that, we do care, all of us, even if we have only met a couple if days ago, Luke was in pieces when he knew you had cut..." "I don't know what to say, but...why have I been asleep for so long?" "Well,by the time we found you, you had passed out from the blood you lost, we've just been checking if your alright every few hours though
.." "Oh, okay...well thanks, and I'm gunna get some more sleep if you don't mind, I'm just not feeling at all great today." "Yeh sure.." "Do you want anything to eat?" "No I'm fine thanks Zayn" You smiled as he left the room, shit, did you tell Ashton that you had anorexia? Oh great another way they can fuss over you when you don't need it. 

Day 12-15:

"Hey sleepy bones!" Harry smiled, toast hanging out of his mouth as he tried to eat it whole. You laughed, "Yeh, I guess you could say that" He sat down next to you and played on his phone, suddenly turning his attention towards the door. "You okay mate?" You looked up to see Luke, looking just as tired as you. "Omg, Lacey your okay, thank god!" He gripped you in a massive bear hug, nearly cutting your air circulation off. "Yeh Luke I'm fine" you half smiled and suddenly your hands became more interesting. "C-can I see?" You looked up at Harry who was biting his lip, you nodded your head and gently unrapped one of your bandaged arms. He gasped as he saw the 'beauty' on your arms, which ranged from fresh cuts, your nearly healed attempt cuts and red and white scars trailing all the way up your arm.

"I'm just gunna g-go." Luke looked horrified and ran upstairs. You'd sighed and put the bandage back on. "Why do you do that?" " I don't want to talk about to be honest..."


"Pizzas here!" You heard the red headed boy shout, Michael? Yeah that was it. You shuffled back into your bedroom a d closed the door quietly, maybe the guys would think you were asleep. "Lacey?" You closed your eyes tight as you pretended to be in a deep slumber. "She's asleep guys." Calum called as he bounced of the last step." "She cant be, she's slept for nearly 4 days straight!" Niall commented. "She must be hungry, when was the last time any of us saw her eat?" Liam added, all boys shrug in unison. "Shit!! Remember when she shouted at me on the beach the day she cut? Well she admitted she had depression, self harmed and had...anorexia?" Ashton counted on his fingers, looking up he saw all the boys staring at him, eyes wide. "Wait there, Louis come with me and watch this, I bet she's not asleep, she just dosnt want to eat." "How do you know this?" Louis asked eyebrow raised. "E-Erm l-long s-story"

"Shh! Tip toe!" As Ash and Louis crept upstairs you sat on your bed, phone in hand scrolling through tumblr. You gasped as the door flung open. You saw Ashton with his eyebrows raised. "I though you were asleep?" "I- I w-was" "Well now your awake you can come and have some pizza!" He beamed "I'm good thanks..." "It wasn't a question, come on, were not going to bite, well maybe if you take Nialls food" you giggled a bit at his remark. You walked behind Ashton downstairs and into the living room. "Hey!" Everyone shouted you smiled as you sat down on a chair closer out of the group. "Here, cheese pizza!" Liam beamed, smiled and took it from him, looking at the horrible piece of food before you. You gulped and took a small bite, taking all your might not to throw it up rather now, than later on. 

You finished your last nite and refused anymore. "How about a DVD weekend?, three whole days of movies and video games!? Watcha think!" Michael shouted. "Chill man! That sounds good, well bring all covers and pillows down here after pizza." "Well ill go get mime now cos I'm done, back in 10!" You raced upstairs, feeling the urge to throw up. You got to the toilet and stuck two fingers down your throat, forcing the pizza up you had just eaten. You flushed the toilet and brushed your teeth, stepping out of the bathroom and going into your room getting everything you need, including your phone. What a fun three days you though...not......

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