Her Death

When a girl named, Lacey, goes to live with the boys from 5SOS and 1D after she finds out her family have died and try's to commit suicide, only to be found by Luke and Niall, what will her following years be like before her depression, anorexia, anxiety and self-harm causes her to commit suicide?



Yeh, I just realised that I said in Day 1 that the fire had killed Laceys parents and her belongings but she goes back to her house on Day 8-10 and cuts. Lets just pretend that its HER house - hostel room thing that she decided to stay in because her parents were too protective of her and she didn't really move a lot of stuff in there. 

I hope you like it so far 😁 if you read this could you heart my story please?? You don't have to but it would mean a lot. Once everyone is in the story ill do and update of who plays who 😁 thanks xx

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