The Bassist's Sister

Maliya is Calum's sister. Their parents got divorced when they were 10 years old. Maliya was forced to move with her father to America whilst Calum stayed in Sydney with his mum.

Maliya moved back to Australia because she wanted a fresh start after her abusive boyfriend tried to kill her. Will she find love in Australia, or will she get her heart broken?

Read to find out.


32. Why?

Mali's POV:

~ the next day ~

Today's Manny's birthday and I'm on my way to his house. I called his mom 5 minutes ago and she told me that she got him to get out of the house to buy some food.

The taxi pulled up to Manny's driveway. I paid the man and walked up to the front porch. I knocked on the door and his mom immediately opened the door.

" Mali," she said.

" Cynthia," I said giving her a hug.

" Come in," she said letting me in.

" Manny is gonna be here in 1 minute so I suggest you go up to his room," she said.

" Ok. Thank you," I said walking upstairs.

" No problem," she said. Just as I sat down on his bed, I heard the front door open and close. Then I heard footsteps coming upstairs.

Manny then opened the door to his room and looked surprised.

" Happy Birthday babe," I said getting up to give him a kiss, but he didn't kiss back.

" Babe what's wrong?" I asked.

"" he said more of a question.

" You suck at lying. Tell the truth babe," I said rubbing his arms. Before he got a chance to say something, a girl came in his room.

" Happy birthday ba- Mali?" she said.

" Faith? What are you doing here and who are you calling babe?" I asked.

" Manny's my boyfriend and I'm here for his birthday. What are YOU doing here?" she asked.

" Manny's MY boyfriend and I'm here for his birthday," I said.

" No he's my boyfriend," she said.

" No he's mine," I argued.

" No he's mine," she said.

" You know what you can have him! I'm outta here," I yelled mad and heartbroken running out of the house.

" Mali wait," I heard Manny calling.

" MALI!" he yelled.

" What?!" I screamed back turning around.

" Don't go," he said.

" How long?" I asked tears streaming down my face.

" 4 months," he said.

" Why? After everything you know that I have been through," I cried.

" Mali don't cry," he said trying to give me a hug.

" Don't touch me," I said pushing him away.

" It's over. I'm done with you," I said getting in the cab and the driver drove away.

I got to the airport and got on the first flight to Australia. 'Why did he do that?' was all I can think about.

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