The Bassist's Sister

Maliya is Calum's sister. Their parents got divorced when they were 10 years old. Maliya was forced to move with her father to America whilst Calum stayed in Sydney with his mum.

Maliya moved back to Australia because she wanted a fresh start after her abusive boyfriend tried to kill her. Will she find love in Australia, or will she get her heart broken?

Read to find out.


12. The Party 1


Mali's POV:  

I went upstairs to take a shower and get get dressed for my Welcome Home party. Caro and the boys all went home to get ready to. I was wearing a black Reckless crop top with high waisted white skinny jeans and white Nike high tops. I curled my hair and put a black and white Reckless SnapBack. Right when I got done getting dressed, I heard the doorbell ring.  

" I'll get it," I yelled while jogging downstairs. I opened the door and saw Luke and his family.  

" Hi Liz," I said while hugging her.   

" Mali dear. It's been so long," she said.  

" I know," I said while hugging Luke, Ben, Jack and Andy.     Behind Luke and his family was Ashton and his family.  

" ANNE," I said while running up to her to give her a hug.  

" Mali, you came back home," she said.  

" I'm glad to be back home," I said as I hugged Harry, Lauren and Ashton.  

Finally, behind Ashton and his family was Mikey and his family.  

" Hi Karen," I said as I gave Mikey's mum a hug.  

" Mali. Long time no see my dear," she said.  

" I know, but I'm here now and that's all that matters," I said as I gave Mikey and Daryl a hug.  

We all went inside into the living room. I was about to sit down when I heard the doorbell ring again. I went over to the door and opened it.  

" Hey Caro," I said as I hugged her.  

" Hi Lina and Gav," I said to Caro's parents as I gave them a hug. I let them in and led them to the living room. Then my mum came in.  

" Hi everyone. It's so good to see you all. The reason why we are gathered today is to celebrate the return of my daughter Mali," she said and everyone cheered.  

" Mali has finally came home and we must celebrate," mum said.  

" Aw thanks mum," I said pecking her cheek.  

We went outside and Daryl and Andy grilled some ribs and steak. While they were doing that, all of our mums talked, the boys played football with Harry, and the girls were up in the treehouse talking about ransom stuff.   

Then I heard the doorbell again.   

" I'll get it," Cal said running inside.  

Not to long, Cal came back to the backyard with Aleisha.  

" What the hell is she doing here?!" I said to the girls.  

" She's gonna ruin my party and make it all about her. It's suppose to be about me not her," I said.  

" Hey. Don't worry. We know Luke invited her, but we'll just have to prove to Luke what kind of a BEAST Aleisha is," Ashley said.  

" Yeah, and I have a plan," Caro said and explained everything to the girls and not me.  

" Mali. Here's what you'll have to do. When we get Cal and Luke to go out of the house, we go downstairs and try to make Aleisha pissed. Me, Mikey and Ash will be video taping the whole scene on their phones. When Luke and Cal come back home, Luke'll see the true Aleisha. We just have to keep Aleisha's back towards the staircase," Caro said.  

" Ok sounds good 2 me. I'll text Mikey, Ash and Cal about the plan and tell them their parts. There's a lot of hiding places in the basement so that'll be the recorders hiding spot so Aleisha doesn't figure out that we're recording this," I said and texted Cal, Mikey and Ash.   

They responded after 2 minutes saying they're in.  

" They're in," I told Caro.  

" Good," she said. Then Ashley's phone rang.  

" Hello?" she said.  

" Ok cool," she said getting down from the treehouse and going back in the house.  

10 minutes later she come back out. 'What happened?' I thought.

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