The Bassist's Sister

Maliya is Calum's sister. Their parents got divorced when they were 10 years old. Maliya was forced to move with her father to America whilst Calum stayed in Sydney with his mum.

Maliya moved back to Australia because she wanted a fresh start after her abusive boyfriend tried to kill her. Will she find love in Australia, or will she get her heart broken?

Read to find out.


27. The Beach 3


Mali's POV:  

As we were walking back to where the others were, I saw Manny, his brothers, Angelina, Devonne, Marissa, Xavier, Bella and Momo.  

" Hey guys," I said as I gave all of them a hug except for Manny. I gave him a kiss.  

" Hey sweet cheeks," Manny said wrapping his arms around my waist.  

" Sup," I giggled.  

" We brought pizza," Isaiah said.  

" How many boxes?" I asked Isaiah as I pulled away from Manny and picked up Isaiah.  

" 5 boxes," Isaiah said.  

" Baby how much do I owe you?" I asked Manny still holding Isaiah.  

" Nothing. Count this as my treat. Remember on our date?" he smirked.  

I rolled my eyes and pecked his lips.  

" Ew. You do know we're right here, right?" I heard Angelina say.  

I rolled my eyes and laughed.  

" Come on, let's go join the others," I said sliding Isaiah to my back so I can give him a piggyback ride as I carry Momo.  

" Hey guys. You remember my friends from America, right?" I asked everyone else as they greeted each other.  

" Why are they here?" Luke asked through gritted teeth while staring Manny down.  

" I invited them. Why is Aleisha here?" I asked annoyed.  

" I invited her," Luke replied tilting his head to the side as I rolled my eyes.  

" Hey! How about a game of volleyball?" Ashton said before me and Luke were about to say something that we'll probably regret.  

" Sure. I'm team captain," I said.  

" Ok. I'll be the other team captain," Luke said.  

" Ok ladies pick first," Ashton said.  

" Ok but before we play, Gabe take Isaiah, Bella and Momo to the water," I said.  

" Ok," Gabe said as he took the little kids to play around in the water.  

" Ok first I pick Manny," I said. He smirked and came behind me wrapping his arm around me and resting his head in the crook of my neck.  

" I pick Aleisha," Luke said.  

" Hmm who should I pick next?" I whispered to myself.  

" You should pick Angelina. She's really good at volley ball," Manny whispered in my ear.  

" I pick Angelina," I said.  

" I pick.......Calum," Luke said.  

" Ashton," I said and we continued to pick our team until there was no one left.   

On my team (Team Mali), I had Manny, Angelina, Ashton, Xavier, and Marissa. Adrian didn't want to play or go in the water, so he decided to keep score.  

On Luke's team (Team Luke), he had Aleisha, Calum, Carolina, Mikey, and Devonne.  

We played at least 5 games and my team won 3 of those games. After the game we started a fire and gathered the kids who were soaked.  

" Ok what can we play?" Angelina said. I saw the babies eyes starting to close so I had an idea.  

" Adrian can you take the kid back to the hotel because they look tired," I said.  

" Sure and I'll stay with them," he said taking Gabe, Isaiah, Bella and Momo back to the hotel. Once they were out of sight, I ran to my car and came out with 3 bottles of vodka.  

" How about a game of Truth or dare," I said.  

" Yeah ok," they all said. I poured vodka in their cups as Calum poured Coke in their cups.  

" Alright I'll go first. Manuel truth or dare," Angelina said.  

" Dare," he said.  

" I dare you to call your mom and tell her that you got a girl here in Sydney pregnant," Angelina said.  

" What if I don't?" Manny asked.  

" Then you have to run around the beach butt naked," Angelina laughed.  

" Ugh fine," Manny said. He took out his phone and called his mom and told her that he got a girl pregnant.  

We all did crazy things from calling their mom and telling her they got a girl pregnant, going to the store and buying a pregnancy test, and asking random people on the street if they have a condom.  

By the time we were done playing Truth or Dare it was already midnight. Some of them went back home or back to the hotel. The only ones who stayed were me, Manny, Luke, Aleisha, Calum and Carolina.  

Me and Carolina we in the sand laying down looking at the stars until Aleisha came and dumped water on us.  

" What the hell?!" I screamed getting up and charging towards Aleisha.  

" What the fuck is wrong you?!" Carolina yelled.  

" What did I do?" Aleisha asked looking all innocent.  

" Don't you fucking dare act all fucking innocent you bitch! We know you dumped water on us cause we saw you," I yelled.  

" Why are you even yelling at me?!" Aleisha raised her voice.  

" Bitch please," Carolina said.  

" What did you call me?" Aleisha said.  

" Are you deaf or what?! She called you a bi-" I said but before I finished my sentence, Aleisha slapped me.  

" Oh you are so gonna regret that," I said charging towards Aleisha punching her in her eye and stomach several times until Luke and Manuel separated us.  

" What the fuck?! Again Mali?!" Luke yelled.  

" She deserved it," I said.  

" Yeah she did," Carolina snapped.  

" Oh you mother fucker," Aleisha said breaking away from Luke attacking Carolina. I broke away from Manuel and attacked Aleisha as Carolina started to attack Aleisha.  

Just then Calum, Manny and Luke separated the three of us.  

" When will you stop acting like a bitch Aleisha," I said.  

" Don't call my girlfriend a bitch! You're the bitch Mali," Luke said carrying Aleisha like a sack of potatoes and setting her in her car before the two of them drove off.  

Once they were gone, Manuel and Calum let go of me and Carolina. Calum and Carolina went back to the water as I just laid down in the sand with tears starting to fall down my face.  

" Hey don't listen to him, ok? You're not a bitch. If anything he's a bitch," Manuel said pulling me on his lap wiping away my tears.  

" Hey I think you did a pretty great job on beating her up," he said which caused me to giggle a little.  

" There's that smile that I've been waiting for," Manny said slowly leaning in, our faces now inches away. I leant in until I felt our lips connect. Our lips moved in sync. He bit my bottom lip asking for entrance.  

I gladly accepted as our tongues fought for domination. I won😏. Soon enough it turned into a full make out session until I pulled away.   

" We should get going. It's getting late," I said.   

" Do we have to?" Manuel said pouting.  

" Yeah. Hey I got front row tickets and backstage passes for a Green Day concert that's tomorrow. You wanna come with?" I asked.  

" I would love to," he said pecking my lips.  

" Come on. Let's get our things and go," I said getting off of his lap and getting our stuff.  

" Cal, Caro, imma take Manny back to his hotel and then imma go home," I said to them.  

" Ok. We're were gonna leave right now to," Cal said.  

" K. I'll see you at home," I said.  

" K. Get home safe. I love you," he said.  

" Love you to Cal. Bye Caro," I said.   

" Bye girl," she said giving me a hug. Me and Manuel got in the car and I drove him to the hotel.  

" Bye babe. I'll be here at 5 tomorrow," I said pecking his lips.  

" Ok. Bye sweets," he said getting his things and giving me one last kiss before he went back in his hotel.  

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