The Bassist's Sister

Maliya is Calum's sister. Their parents got divorced when they were 10 years old. Maliya was forced to move with her father to America whilst Calum stayed in Sydney with his mum.

Maliya moved back to Australia because she wanted a fresh start after her abusive boyfriend tried to kill her. Will she find love in Australia, or will she get her heart broken?

Read to find out.


9. Spin The Bottle

Mali's POV:

We opened up our tequila bottles and started the game.   

" I'll go first," I said and spun the bottle. When the bottle stopped, it landed on Carolina.  

" Dare or double dare," I asked her.  

" Double dare," she said. I turned to Luke.  

" What should her dare be?" I whisper asked Luke in his ear.  

" 10 minutes of heaven with Cal," he whispered back in my ear and I giggled.  

" I double dare you to spend 15 minutes of heaven with Calum," I said smirking.  

" Fine," she said getting up and dragging Calum to his room.  

" Should we continue the game without them or not?" Ashton asked.  

" Yeah we should because we'll be bored for 15 minutes," Mikey said.  

" I'll go," Ashton said and spun the bottle landed on Luke.  

" Dare or double dare," Ashton asked him.  

" Dare," Luke said. Ashton turned to Michael and whispered something in his ear and Michael laughed and pulled out his phone.  

" I dare you to kiss Mali on the cheek," Ashton said and I felt the heat rise to my face. I saw Michael point his phone towards me and Luke. He must be recording this.  

I looked to Luke and his cheeks were red. I opened up my second bottle of tequila and chugged it down. Before I finished the bottle I felt soft lips on my cheeks. I put the bottle down and blushed uncontrollably.   

I was about to say something when we heard screaming upstairs.  

" How many more minutes Mali?" Mikey asked me.  

" 5 minutes left," I said.  

" Let's go," Mikey said.  

" I'm good," me and Luke said at the same time.  

" Jinx," he said.  

" Under a roof," I said and he pouted.  

" Ok fine. You losers stay here. Ashton come with me," Michael said. Ashton got up and followed him upstairs.  

I pulled out my phone and opened up Instagram. I scrolled through my notifications on Instagram and saw a video that Michael tagged me and Luke in. I clicked it and saw that it was a video of Luke kissing me on the cheek. I finished my tequila and got up running upstairs.  

" Michael I'm gonna kill you. Literally kill you," I yelled. I found Mikey and ran towards him and he ran as well. He ran towards the stairs and I caught up with him and tackled him.   He slid downstairs with me on top of him holding his shirt.  

" Ow what the fuck Mali," Michael said.  

" Woah Mali what did he do?" Luke asked.  

" Go on Instagram and see what Michael posted," I said. Luke did as told and ran towards Michael and I. He grabbed Michael and pushed him against the wall.  

" What the fuck man. Aleisha's gonna get mad and break up with me. Delete it Michael," he said. When he said Aleisha my heart shattered into a million pieces.  

" Please Michael. I love her," he said.  

" Ugh fine," Michael said and pulled out his phone and deleted that post in front of Luke.  

" Thanks man," Luke said. I was about to say something, my phone buzzed.  

" Time up. Ashton tell them their time is up," I said.  

" Ok," he said. I walked upstairs and went to my room.  

" Um guys. I uh I don't feel good so imma go to my room. When Cal and Caro come out, can you send Caro to my room please," I said.  

" Ok?" Luke said more of a question.  

" Thanks," I said and went to my room. When I got in my room, I slid down the door and cried my heart out.   

" Of course he has a girlfriend," I said. I heard a knock on my door, but I didn't bother to answer it.  

" Mali its me Caro," she said.  

" Let me in," she said again. This time I got up and opened the door. When she got in I closed the door.  

" Hey, what happened when I was gone, and why are you crying?" she asked me.  

" I'm not crying, I'm sweating through my eyes," I said.  

" No you're not. You're crying. Why?" she said.  

" Of course he has a girlfriend," I blurted out.  

" What?" she asked confused.  

" When you where gone with Cal, we continued the game. Ashton spun the bottle and it landed on Luke. His dare was to kiss me on the cheek. Michael recorded it without us knowing and posted it on Instagram. When I found out I was sort of pissed but I chased Michael and tackled him to the floor. Luke asked why I was mad at Mikey and I told him to check his Instagram notifications. When he did he was pissed at Michael and mentioned some girl named Aleisha and him loving her," I cried.  

" Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you about the Luke having a girlfriend part, but I never knew that he loved her. What I do know is that she's a bad influence on him. I'm sorry Mali, I know how much you like him," she said giving me a hug.  

" Can you fix this?" I asked.  

" I can't this time. I'm sorry," she said.  

" Come on we need to fix your room," she laughed.  

" Ok I guess," I said. We put all my clothes in my closet, all my shoes on my shoe rack, all my jewelry in my jewelry box and put the new sheets that we bought on my bed.  

" Perfect," I said. I then heard a knock on my door.  

" Hey Mali and Caro. It's me Luke. Do you guys wanna come outside and roast marshmallows with us?" he asked. Caro looked at me and I nodded.  

" Yeah sure. We'll be out in a minute," she said.  

" Ok," Luke said.  

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