The Bassist's Sister

Maliya is Calum's sister. Their parents got divorced when they were 10 years old. Maliya was forced to move with her father to America whilst Calum stayed in Sydney with his mum.

Maliya moved back to Australia because she wanted a fresh start after her abusive boyfriend tried to kill her. Will she find love in Australia, or will she get her heart broken?

Read to find out.


2. Not Safe


Mali's POV:

" Derek what the fuck did I do?!" I yelled as he slapped me.


" You're a slut! You know that right?! You're such a hoe and you never deserved to lived!" Derek said and slapped me again before he left.


When he left I just cried and cried. My dad is always home late. So I decided to call 4 people that care about me in my life.


Phone Call:(M=Manny A=Angelina D=Devonne X=Xavier Mal=Mali)


Mal: Hello?(sniffle)

A: Mali? What happened?

Mal: Derek(cries)

M: I'm gonna kill that son of a-

X: Woah Manuel dude calm down, ok? Mali where are you?

Mal: Home.

D: We're coming, ok? We'll be there in 10 minutes

Mal: Ok.


End of Convo


After the phone call, I heard the door slam shut.


" Mali?! Where are you?" Derek asked in a sneaky tone. I didn't answer. I took a peak to the side of the wall and saw Derek standing there with a gun in his hand. I silenced my phone and dield  911 so they could hear.


" There you are you bitch," Derek said getting closer to me.


" Get away from me you man whore," I screamed and threw a vase at him. To my luck, I missed. He grabbed me by my neck and pushed me against the wall choking me.


" Shut up," he said.


" I never loved you and it doesn't look like anyone is going to," he said putting the gun up to my jawline, his hand still choking me.


Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Xavier, Manuel, Angelina, Devonne, and the police all came bursting in. The police, Xavier and Manuel tackled Derek to the ground whilst Angelina and Devonne comfort me and trying to calm me down because I was crying histeracally and shaking.


At that point my dad comes in the house. Oh no this is gonna get worse.


" What the hell is going on here?" my dad asks.


" Sir is this your daughter?" the policeman asked him pointing at me.


" Yes. What the hell happened?" my dad asked getting more angry.


" Well, your daughter's boyfriend tried to kill her by shooting her. Luckily we came right on time before he pulled the trigger," the policeman explained to my dad.


My dad now looks piping mad. He walks towards me, his hands forming into fists. Next thing I know he was beating me up. The policemen pulled him away from me and arrested him.


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