The Bassist's Sister

Maliya is Calum's sister. Their parents got divorced when they were 10 years old. Maliya was forced to move with her father to America whilst Calum stayed in Sydney with his mum.

Maliya moved back to Australia because she wanted a fresh start after her abusive boyfriend tried to kill her. Will she find love in Australia, or will she get her heart broken?

Read to find out.


30. Movie Marathon

Mali's POV:

I'm on my way right now to pick up Manny and his brothers for our movie marathon. When I got there I saw Angelina waiting with them.

I got out of my car and gave everyone a hug and Manny a kiss.

" Hey Mali. Do you mind if I come to the movie marathon?" Angelina asked me.

" Sure," I said.

" By the way, is your friend Ashton gonna be there?" she asked.

" Why? Does wittle Angewina have a crushie wushie?" I said in a baby voice. She didn't say anything just stood there and blushed.

" You do," I gasped.

" Shut up. Please don't tell him," she said.

" I won't. Geez. What kind of friend do you think I am?" I asked.

" Thank you," she said and sighed a breath of relief.

" Now get your ass in the back," I laughed.

" There's no room," she whined.

" Then put Isaiah on your lap," I said getting in the driver's seat and started the car. Angelina got in behind me and put Isaiah on her lap. Once I heard her seat belt buckle, I drove off to my house.

~ 20 minutes later ~

" Get in and sit on the couch," I said opening the door for everyone and walked to the kitchen. I was getting some food out of the cabinets when I felt a pair of arms wrapped around my waist. Manny.

" I thought I told you to wait in the living room," I said turning around to face Manny.

" I couldn't wait," he said pouting.

" If I give you a kiss could you wait?" I asked him and his face lightened up.

" Ok fine," I said and gave him a quick peck on his lips.

" That's all?" he asked.

" Yes. Now go in the living room and wait," I said sternly.

" Ugh fine," he said and walked to the living room.

I got all the food and brought it to the lounge. Then went to the living room where everyone was at.

" Come on. Let's go to the lounge," I said picking Isaiah up.

" What movie do you wanna watch?" I asked pointing to the movie shelves.

" Monsters University!" Isaiah screamed.

" Okie," I said putting the movie in. I laid my head Manny's lap and my legs spread across the whole love seat. About an hour during the movie I heard the front door open.

" Mali!" I heard Calum yell.

" In the lounge!" I yelled back. Then Calum, Carolina, Luke, Aleisha, Mikey and Ash walked in.

" Monsters University!" Mikey screeched.

" Mikey you are such a baby," I said.

" Am not," he said.

" Are to," I said.

" Am not," he said.

" Are t-" I said but got cut off but Gabe.

" Shut up we're watch a movie," he said annoyed.

" Moody aren't ya," I said.

" Whatever," he said rolling his eyes. Everyone was trying to find a place to sit and the was no place for Luke and Aleisha. So Aleisha came over to me and Manny, and since my feet were spread across the love seat, she grabbed my feet and threw them on the ground causing me to fall off of the love seat.

" Oops sorry," Aleisha said acting all innocent while sitting down.

" You little son of a bi-" I said but got cut off by Aleisha.

" I'm sorry. What were you gonna call me? Didn't you forget that there's kids present," she said pointing to Isaiah and Gabe. I just got up and threw Aleisha on the ground.

" Oops. So sorry," I said dramatically and putting my hand over my mouth before sitting down next Manny who was laughing his ass off and so were the others.

" Mali you b-" Aleisha said but I cut her off.

" Now now Aleisha, there's kids here," I said mocking what she said earlier. All she did was scream and stormed out of the house. I looked at Luke and he was laughing so hard.

" Luke aren't you gonna go get Aleisha?" I asked confused to why he was on the floor laughing. Usually he would be mad at me and go after Aleisha.

" Nope," he said still laughing.

" Ok?" I said more of a question. Then Manny's phone rang.

" Hello?" he said. I heard a few muffled words and the line went dead. I looked at Manny and saw tears streaming down his face.

" Babe what's wrong?" I asked him.

" My parents got in a car crash and my mom got seriously injured that she's now in a coma and my dad died," he said sobbing. I pulled him in a hug and he cried.

" Do you wanna go back?" I asked and I felt him nod.

" Ok," I said letting go of the hug.

" Isaiah, Gabe, Adrian. We need to go back home," Manny said.

" Why? What happened and why are you crying?" Adrian asked.

" Mom, dad, car crash," Manny said.

" What?" Gabe said.

" Your mom and dad got in a car crash. Your mom is in a coma," I said starting to tear up. They were like parents to me.

" What about dad?" Gabe asked.

"'t make it," I said tears now streaming down my face.

" Daddy," Isaiah cried. I picked him up and got up myself.

" Come on. We need to get you guys the first flight home," I said.

" Ok," they said.

" Guys. I gotta go and drop them off at the airport. I'll be back," I said.

" I thought they were staying for 3 months," Ashton said confused.

" I'll tell you why later," I said.

" Ok bye," they said.

I got I the car since they were already in there and drove to the hotel. Once we got to the hotel, they went upstairs to pack and I checked them out. 4 minutes later they came back down and I zoomed off to the airport.

~ skip to airport ~

" I'm sorry you guys for your loss," I said giving them their plane tickets.

" It's ok. It wasn't your fault," Manny said.

" Call me everyday ok?" I said and Manny nodded.

" Bye guys," I said kissing Manny and hugging the others.

" Bye," they said boarding the plane.

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