The Bassist's Sister

Maliya is Calum's sister. Their parents got divorced when they were 10 years old. Maliya was forced to move with her father to America whilst Calum stayed in Sydney with his mum.

Maliya moved back to Australia because she wanted a fresh start after her abusive boyfriend tried to kill her. Will she find love in Australia, or will she get her heart broken?

Read to find out.


3. I'm Moving

Mali's POV:  


I started crying whilst running upstairs. I can't stay here. I'm going back to Australia. I can't handle anymore of this shit. It's to much for me.   


" Mali what are you doing?" Manuel, Xavier, Angelina and Devonne ask me.  


" I'm going back to Australia," I cried finding some luggages and started to pack all of my stuff.  


" What?! You can't!" they all yelled in unison.


" I have to. I don't feel safe here. I think I'll be better in Australia," I said.  


" Ok. Well we can't stop you Mali from going to Australia. We can't force you to do what we want," Angelina said and started to help me pack.  


" Angie's right. We can't stop you from leaving. It's your choice not ours. Yeah we'll miss you but you have to do what's best for you. We all want the best for you Mali," Devonne said and started to help me pack.  


" I agree," Xavier said starting to pack.  


" I can't argue with you," Manny said and started to pack.  


I went to my bathroom and started to pack my things that were in there. Shampoo, conditioner, body soap, shower cap, makeup, curling iron, flat iron, cringing iron, hair drier, band aids, and my blades.  


" Hey guys I'm gonna call my brother," I yelled from the bathroom.  


" Ok," they yelled back.


Phone Call:( M=Maliya C=Calum)  

C: Hello.

M: Hey Cal.

C: Who's this and how do you know my name?

M: It's me Mali you douche.


M: Hello? Cal are you there?

C: Huh? Oh yeah I'm here it's just...uh.....

M: It's just what Cal?

C: It's just that I haven't heard from you for so long.

M: Yeah I know. I need to ask you something.

C: Ok go ahead.

M: Can you tell mom that I'll be back home?

C: What?

M: I'm coming back home!

C: You are?! Omg Mali's coming back home! Wait why are you coming back to Australia anyways?

M: Because... I miss you, mom and the boys.

C: Sweet. I won't tell mom because I want her to be surprised and I won't tell the boys either but I will pick you up from the airport and set up your room.

M: Aw thanks Cal. You're the best.

C: Hey! What can I say? I'm an amazing big brother.

M: You're only older than me by 6 months so get over yourself!

C: Wait when are you coming back?

M: Today.

C: Ok. I love you and be safe. I'll see you soon.

M: I will. Love you to Cal. See you soon. Bye.


End Of Phone Call


" Ok are we done packing?" I asked.  


" Yeah!" they all say in unison.  


" Ok let's go to the airport!" I yelled.  


" Ok!" they yelled back.  


~ 30 minutes later ~  


" One ticket to Australia please," I said to the lady up front.  


" Here you go. Your flight leaves in 30 minutes," the lady said.  


" Thank you," I said then walked off.  


" Ok well I guess this is goodbye?" I asked and they shook their heads no.  


" We'll come and visit you in Australia," Devonne said.  


" Yeah love. We'll come visit next month," Manny said.  


" Ok," I said.  


"FLIGHT 31 TO AUSTRALIA NOW BOARDING," the loud speaker said.  


" I guess this is it for now," I cried.  


" Hey don't cry we'll see each other again soon," Xavier said.


" Ok," I said as I hugged them all and pecked Xavier and Manuel on the cheek.


" Goodbye," I said and they waved goodbye.



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