Why at Hogwarts?

What if the Pevensies didn't go back to Narnia, but to Hogwarts instead? What would happen? Who would they meet? Will they ever have a normal life?


9. Seeing them again

Susan's point of view

"LUCY! How have you been?" I almost yell the second that I see her.

"Not bad. I met a few friends."

"Has anyone asked you why all four of us are here?" I ask her.

"No.. Why?" She questions a little confused.

"One of the girls in my year, Chelsea Phillips kind of indirectly asked me."

"Wait, Chelsea Phillips? There's a guy in my year named Charles Phillips. Are they related?" Peter breaks in, unnoticed.

"PETER! And probably. Is he annoying?"


"It's probably a family thing." I decide.

"Where's Edmund? Why is he taking so long?" Lucy asks a little nervous.

"He's most likely fine." I assure her. "He's a slow child."

"Thanks, Su." A voice from behind me says.

I whip around.

"EDMUND! Now all four of us are back together. What do we do?"

Dumbledore comes into the room.

"Aslan has given me specific instructions for all of you for the entire year. You will see each other often. Ready?"

"Ready." We parrot to him.

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