Why at Hogwarts?

What if the Pevensies didn't go back to Narnia, but to Hogwarts instead? What would happen? Who would they meet? Will they ever have a normal life?


13. Rose's little secret

Rose's point of view

"So, do you have the textbook?" I ask Lucy.

"No." She responds.

"Okay. You can borrow our textbook for a bit but you should tell Sprout that you don't have any of the course books." I tell her.


Eliza, Lucy, and I work on Burbage's homework until lunch, luckily finishing it. That means I will have time to do the rest of my homework this evening and not worry about the Muggle Studies work.

After lunch, I head to Ancient Runes and Charms, my two best classes. Throughout the day I keep wondering why Lucy's entire family came at once and why they didn't come when they were 11. Lucy will probably never tell us so there is no point asking. I also start thinking about the boy that was next to Lucy during Muggle Studies. I think he's her brother.

Later that evening Lucy and I start talking.

"I just want to clarify this, the boy that was sitting next to you in Muggle Studies is your brother?" I ask her.

"Yep. That's Edmund. He's the one closest to my age. First it's Peter, then Susan, Edmund and finally me. Why?" She looked confused.

I want to tell her that she should know, but Eliza interrupts me with, "Rose Zeller! You do not!"

"Umm maybe?" I blush.

Lucy still looked really confused.

"What are you talking about?" Lucy asked.

"Well, Miss Rose Zeller might have a little crush." Eliza says smugly.

"Ok, so who?" Lucy asks.

"You might know him. Like really well." Eliza hinted.

"Do you mean one of my brothers?" Lucy asks.

"Maybe?" Eliza says.

"Do you mean Peter?" She gasps.

"Which one's that?" Eliza asks.

"The tall blond one in Gryffindor." Lucy said.


"Then you mean Edmund. Seriously?"

"Maybe?" Eliza tells her.

"No. You do not have a crush on my brother, Rose." Lucy declares.

"Umm maybe?" I respond.

"Am I allowed to tell him?"

"NO! You cannot tell him! You never tell someone when somebody you know likes them, it would be really embarrassing! Plus I've only seen him like once or twice." I tell her.

"He would probably be creeped out too." Eliza says.

"Well that would make sense. He probably doesn't even know your name or anything about you." Lucy says.

"Can you introduce me then?" I ask. Well, in my head I'm absolutely begging her have me meet her brother.

Rose Pevensie just rolls off my tongue. But I can't think about that. What if I meet him and absolutely hate him? That would be horrible. Well, I'll see when Lucy introduces us, if she ever decides to.

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