Why at Hogwarts?

What if the Pevensies didn't go back to Narnia, but to Hogwarts instead? What would happen? Who would they meet? Will they ever have a normal life?


12. Muggle Studies

"So today in Muggle Studies, we will learn about... Hello Professor Dumbledore. Welcome." The Muggle Studies professor says as we walk into the classroom.

"Hello Professor Burbage and class. This the Pevensie family. They will be taking Muggle Studies." Professor Dumbledore told Professor Burbage.

"Ok. Well, we have a few seats in the back and a few in the middle of the room. Please take your seats quickly." She tells us.

Susan and Peter go to the back, which forces me and Edmund to go to the middle two seats. Luckily, Eliza sits in the seat right next to mine and Rose sits on Ed's other side. We can do our homework together in the evenings. They smile at me as I sit down.

"Ok. So today we will concentrate on coexisting with Muggles peacefully." Professor Burbage says as we sit down.

After an hour or so, a bell rings.

"Homework. Read chapters 1-3 of the book and take notes. Due in three days." She yells over the commotion of the class packing up their bags.

Professor Sprout enters the room and whisks Rose, Eliza, and me out of the classroom and into the Hufflepuff dormitory in less than a minute.

"Eliza and Rose, you will help Lucy with the homework. I have excused you two from your classes until lunch. Oh, and Lucy? Please try to keep up with the course work. Eliza and Rose won't always be able to help you."

"Yes ma'am." We parrot to her.

"Good girls." She says then leaves in a hurry.

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