Why at Hogwarts?

What if the Pevensies didn't go back to Narnia, but to Hogwarts instead? What would happen? Who would they meet? Will they ever have a normal life?


3. Houses

Four teachers are outside Dumbledore's office, two men and two women. The woman with a no-nonsense look takes Peter away, the short man takes Susan and the scary-looking man takes Edmund. I'm left with the kind-looking woman.

"Lucy? I'm your head, Professor Sprout. I will take you to the Hufflepuff dormitory. Don't worry," she continues after seeing my scared look, "you will see your siblings tomorrow morning at breakfast."

Will people be nice? Professor Sprout seems friendly, but what about the other kids? How to I act? Will I ever go back to Narnia and continue being Queen Lucy the Valiant? Will anyone know about us? What happens if they find out? What will we do? I'm scared.

I'm lead down a few staircases to the ground floor. Professor Sprout tells me that the dormitory is right next to the kitchens. Yes! Food whenever I want. But where are the other dormitories? Is she really sure that I will see my siblings tomorrow? Will I make any friends?

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