Why at Hogwarts?

What if the Pevensies didn't go back to Narnia, but to Hogwarts instead? What would happen? Who would they meet? Will they ever have a normal life?


21. Finding Peter

Where could Peter be? Where do magical people hide hostages? Is it somewhere really obvious?

"Professor?" I ask Dumbledore. "Where is somewhere where people might hide someone? Somewhere really obvious?"

"Well, there's Knockturn Alley or the Shrieking Shack."

"Let's check the Shrieking Shack!" Edmund exclaims.

Sorry for not updating much. I know it's summer but I'm going to be traveling half the summer and working the other half. I think I might be finishing this Movella sooner than later because I'm working on another story but on Wattpad. You guys can read it on my account, ClumsyFanGirl8. *selfless plug* It's not about Narnia or HP, but over another group that I fan girl over. I know that this chapter is short but the last few might be shorter than my earlier chapter.

Love you guys!


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