Close The Book

It’s really funny you see, he is the sports guy and she is the bookworm. Best friends, the most odd of them, but the most perfect pair. Everyone knew, even when they didn’t, that they wanted to be more than just friends but neither dared to say a word.

“I freaking love you.” He panted.
“You ran from your game to my house just to tell me that?” She questioned in disbelief.
“Yes,” He grabbed her hands. “You’re worth more than just running. You deserve the world.”
She blushed. “I freaking love you.” She smiled.


4. Chapter Three.



Chapter Three


Flynn Hale


I grunted and turned around to catch five more minutes of sleep. I didn’t want to wake up and face the day, knowing that today was the King and Queen election for the Halloween Ball that the school has every year. Whoever won, for the party, they had to dress up like a King and a Queen, plus the second places dressed up like prince and princesses, which I find totally annoying…

I heard another set of voices and I frowned. Who on earth is on my bedroom?


“Flynn, sweetie.” I felt someone shaking me. “It’s time to wake up. I’m surprised that Noah didn’t wake you up with the mess he made.” I let out a growl. “Flynn.”

“I’m up.” I mumbled rubbing my eyes. “Thank you Mrs. Phares.” I said. “Noah tends to forget that I sleep here too.” I chuckled.

“Go get ready.” She chuckled. “The guest room is ready for you.” She patted my head. “Breakfast will be served when you come back down. Coffee?”

“Black.” I replied as I walked towards the stairs. “Just like my soul.” I mumbled to myself.


I stripped out of my cloth and entered the bathroom so that I could get ready for the day. I liked staying over at Noah’s place, as it was so full of family love, something that my family lacked of. I quickly changed into my school outfit, which was basically jeans and a hoodie and my vans, nothing too fancy.

I walked out of the guest room and made my way towards the kitchen, where I knew that Mr. Phares was going to be drinking his coffee with the paper and Mrs. Phares was going to be cooking breakfast for everyone. A smile crept into my face as I heard Noah complaining about being scolded for not waking me up when he did.


“But mom!” He whined. “You know that she is monster when you wake her up before her time.” I rolled my eyes and entered the room. “I did not want my head to be chopped off so early in the morning.”

“I would have not chopped you head off Noah.” I smirked. “So stop making such a fuzz and man up.” I spoke as I sat down at the table. “Is there anything that I can do to help?”

“In nothing sweetie.” Mrs. Phares replied with a smile. “But thanks for asking though.” She gave a pointed look towards Noah. “Do you have practice today son?”

“Yes ma’am.” Noah replied munching a toast. “We’ll be back when practice is over. Though, I do hope that Coach doesn’t make us do drills.” He added with a slight frown.

“Your mother and I have a dinner.” Mr. Phares spoke up. “So you two will have to order some food, or cook something.” He rolled his eyes with a smile. “No parties and please behave.”

“Yes sir.” Both Noah and I replied at the same time. “We’ll behave.”




I ran my hand through my hair and nodded at what Alex was saying, which to be sincere, I wasn’t really paying any attention to. He had made his way towards Noah and I as we talked by my locker, and he claimed that he needed my help to get some girl, but I couldn’t really focus.


“Are you even listening to me Flynn?” Alex waved a hand in front of my face. I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow. Of course not Alex. “Flynn!” He whined dragging out my name. “I really need your help with this girl.”

“Who is it?” I sighed. “Who is the girl you want to get so bad? I thought that Mr. Alex could get whatever girl he wanted with a simply wink.” I rolled my eyes. “What’s her name?”

“Angela MacArthur.” He gave me a sheepish smile. I pressed my lips together and gave him a quick nod. “Do you know her?” I nodded again. “Of course you do! She is just like you.” I frowned confused. What the hell? “She liked to read a lot!” He exclaimed.

“Yes I know who she is.” I let out a sigh. “But I am sorry to inform you that she already has a boyfriend and she thinks that you are an arrogant nitwit.” Noah choked on his water and I shrugged with a smile. “Sorry mate, she’s way out of your league.” I winked and turned towards my class.


Noah came behind me, following and I just couldn’t help but smirk as Alex shouted out for me. I was not going to help him to get a girl he wasn’t going to care about, Angela was not going to be one of his many one night stands.

I heard some other buzzing around as we made our way towards homeroom. I knew that Noah was excited for today as he had already told me that as we drove to school. I was more than sure that he was going to be nominated and positive that he was going to win. There was no doubt in that.


“Smile Flynn!” I heard someone shout as I entered homeroom.

“What the actual?” I questioned once the flash went off. “What are you doing Daniel?” I questioned with a frown.

“We need a picture to prove how normal you are!” Daniel exclaimed. “You know, we have the Halloween Ball coming ‘round the corner, and you are a nominee.” I rolled my eyes. “Smile pretty, pretty Noah!”


Noah chuckled behind me has the flash went off and then sat down next to me. I knew that this was so normal for Noah himself, but for me, never, I had always asked for people not to nominate me, but apparently this year, Noah nominated me…

I took out my book, Panic, and started reading; I was going to finish this book today. Noah chuckled next to me and I lifted my view only to see Georgia talking to him. She had her flirty smile on and by the way that she was leaning towards Noah; I knew that she was trying to get him. I scowled and went back to my book. I didn’t have any reason to fell jealous about it; Noah was just my best friend.


“Please Noah.” Georgia’s nasal voice whined. “Help me out today.”

“I’m sorry Georgia.” Noah replied with a small hint of annoyance. “I can’t help you.” He grabbed my hand. “I have practice after school and then I promised Flynn that we would go out for dinner.” He added and I turned to face them with a smile.

“Sorry Georgia.” I gave her a fake smile. “He kind owes me the dinner.”

“Excuse me?” Georgia gasped as she stood up. “You are choosing that nerd over me!” She pointed at me and I raised an eyebrow. “You can’t be serious Noah Parker! Dating her won’t bring anything good!” I let out a sigh and turned back to my book.

“Shut up Georgia!” Noah exclaimed. “You can’t call her that! I don’t care if you want more popularity! I don’t fucking care about that.” He snapped. “Leave Flynn out of this. I don’t like you. Simple as that.”


I snorted trying to keep my laugh to myself. I mean this was so weird. Georgia, the most popular girl from school is trying to get Noah, and Noah, the most popular guy from school is rejecting her for me, me, the bookworm. I closed my book and stared at Noah, I raised my eyebrow and he kissed my forehead.


“Don’t question it okay.” He spoke. “I have never liked her, and damn she is annoying as hell.” He added with a chuckle. “She is so horrible.”

“I wasn’t going to ask.” I replied. “I was just going to say thank you.” I blushed. “Thank you for standing up for me.”

“Flynn.” Noah chuckled as he grabbed my hand. “You don’t have to thank me. I will protect you till the end of the world.”

“Don’t say things that will not occur Noah.” I sighed. “Life isn’t a romantic book. I’ve read thousands of them to know that life isn’t a fairytale.”

“It is not if you don’t want it to be.” Noah replied. “I want my, our life to be a fairytale. I promise you, it will be worth it.”


Is he saying that he wants to live with me for the rest of his life? 


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