Close The Book

It’s really funny you see, he is the sports guy and she is the bookworm. Best friends, the most odd of them, but the most perfect pair. Everyone knew, even when they didn’t, that they wanted to be more than just friends but neither dared to say a word.

“I freaking love you.” He panted.
“You ran from your game to my house just to tell me that?” She questioned in disbelief.
“Yes,” He grabbed her hands. “You’re worth more than just running. You deserve the world.”
She blushed. “I freaking love you.” She smiled.


14. Chapter Thirteen.


Chapter Thirteen


Flynn Hale


I let out a sigh as I paced outside of the operation room. I can’t even concentrate on knowing what happened; I just need to know if he is okay. I will never forgive myself if something happened to him and I don’t get the chance to tell him that I love him no matter what. Even when he thinks that I hate him, I don’t and I need for him to know that I care about him deeply.


“Sit down Flynn.” Noah spoke as he grabbed my hand. “Nothing is going to come out if you keep moving.”

“I can’t keep still Noah.” I cried. “My dad is on an emergency operation and I don’t even know why!” I exclaimed.

“If you sit down, I will explain.” He rubbed his thumb on my hand.

“How do you know what happened?” I whispered sitting defeated.

“I was actually paying attention.” He gave me a sweet smile. “Your dad was going to his office, when a truck, skipped a stop sign and hit him.” I licked my lips. “He got out perfectly fine, until a motorcycle ran over him.”

“He needs to wake up! He can’t leave me as we parted.” I bit my lip and felt as my tears fell down. “I got into a fight with him.”

“What?” Noah tried to calm me. “Why did you get on a fight with him?”

“Remember when I called you and told you that he didn’t want a daughter?” Noah nodded. “Well, he left me alone after he said and he didn’t return until a couple of minutes before your game, when I told him that I was leaving and left me again. You should have seen his face, so disappointed.” I sighed. “I don’t want to leave Noah, but what about my mother?”

“Don’t leave Flynn.” Noah licked his lips. “Your mother will understand if you want to stay, you are almost done with High School, why go there in the middle of your last year?” I nodded defeated. “Please stay. We can search for a Uni in America, but please, don’t leave me.”

“Why do you want me to stay so badly?”

“Because I love you Flynn.” Noah confessed. “I have loved you since the very first time that I saw you, since I heard your voice for the first time, your laugh, it’s so rich and sweet that I always try to make you laugh.” I gulped. “I love the way your face changes every time you are reading a book, how you portrait the emotions of the characters in your face, how every single time I see a book, I wonder if you have read it.” Noah took in a deep breath. “I love the way you don’t see the beauty that you posses, the power you have over people, how sweet and kind you are to everyone, how you keep up with the smile, when you don’t want to.”

“Noah,” I whispered.

“I love you Flynn.” Noah smiled. “I fell in love with my best friend, I am in love with the girl who swears that she is a bookworm, I fell in love with Flynn Hale, the perfect girl for a book.”

“Noah, I” I blinked twice. “How?”

“I just love you.” Noah smiled.

“I love you too.” I whispered.


Noah smiled as he caressed my cheek, I could see the light in his eyes when I told him that I loved him too, and to be sincere, I was more than sure that my face was as red as a tomato, I mean, Noah just poured his heart out to me, and I could barely say an ‘I love you’. I was about to comment something to Noah, when I felt his lips on top of mine.


Noah Phares was kissing me.


I blinked in surprise when we pulled out. Noah was smiling so brightly that I couldn’t help but smile as well. My first kiss, hasn’t been like I wanted, but it was more perfect than my imagination.


“Ms. Hale.” A voice snapped me out of my trance.

“Yes?” I questioned.

“I have news about your father.”

“Is he alright?”

“The operation went well, he’s one ICU, but he will be able to leave to a regular room tomorrow.” The nurse spoke.

“He’s alright Flynn.” Noah wrapped his arms around me.

“Can I see him now?” I questioned.

“Yes.” The nurse replied. “But you’ll have to gear up.” I nodded. “Follow me then.”


I kissed Noah’s cheek and followed the nurse.


My father was asleep when I entered, and for the first time in many years, I could actually look at my father. There were wrinkles around his eyes, he looked older from what I remembered, he was had a few gray hairs, and even when age was getting to him, he still looked like the handsome man my mother fell in love with. What had gone wrong?


“Hey dad,” I whispered. “I’m so happy that you are okay, the nurse said that tomorrow you are out of here and will be placed in another regular room, but don’t worry, I will make sure that they take in all of your requests, though I’m not sure if they will let you work,” I chuckled.

“I’ve decided that I will stay.” I whispered. “I will finish my high school here, and will start looking for Universities here and in America, whichever gives me what I want I will choose.”

“I love you.” I smiled. “And I am so terribly sorry for how things have gone, I still don’t understand what happened to mom and you, the why you decided to end your marriage, but I will try to support both of you.”

“I love you daddy.” I added before kissing his forehead.


With a last smile, I turned around and walked out of the room. Finally, my life was setting into something, I could call normal.


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