Close The Book

It’s really funny you see, he is the sports guy and she is the bookworm. Best friends, the most odd of them, but the most perfect pair. Everyone knew, even when they didn’t, that they wanted to be more than just friends but neither dared to say a word.

“I freaking love you.” He panted.
“You ran from your game to my house just to tell me that?” She questioned in disbelief.
“Yes,” He grabbed her hands. “You’re worth more than just running. You deserve the world.”
She blushed. “I freaking love you.” She smiled.


7. Chapter Six.



Chapter Six


Noah Parker


I paced in the hallway, right outside of the cafeteria doors. How dare he do that? He knows that I like her more than a friend. I know that I have to move fast, but I just can’t do that. You just don’t change so fast with Flynn, she doesn’t like change, and you have to introduce her to it, before you actually change.

I can’t possibly lose the love of my life to Alex. He doesn’t know Flynn the way that I do, he doesn’t know that she loves to cuddle with a smaller pillow when she sleeps, or that her coffee has to be a bit colder with three spoons of sugar, or how every month she rearrange her books so that they are always in a different order. I can’t lose the one person that sits down with me and actually listens when I rant about a game or a stupid show that I saw. I can’t lose Flynn Hale, my best friend, my one true love.


“Noah?” Flynn’s voice snapped me from my thoughts. “Are you alright? You seem stressed out.”

“Hey Flynn.” I smiled at her. “Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.”

“Noah,” Flynn bit her lip. “What happened back there with Alex?”

“Sorry about that.” I sighed and stepped closer to her. “He just needs to learn boundaries Flynn.”

She frowned. “What are you talking about?”

“Alex has never shown affection towards you.” I explained. “I thought that you were uncomfortable, but I guess I was wrong.”

“I was.”

“You were?”

“Yeah,” Flynn stared at the floor. “I am just wondering why do you care so much about me.”

“Because you are my best friend Flynn, and that is what best friends do. They take care of each other.”

Flynn blushed and seemed unsure of what to say. “Shall we head back to the cafeteria or shall we escape to the library?”

“Library.” I smiled and grabbed her hand. “I know you are dying to borrow a book.”

“You know me so well.” Flynn smiled.

You have no idea…




I growled and threw my pencil on the table before standing up from the desk. I couldn’t make myself find the right answer for the Chemistry problem that I have been working for the past fifteen minutes. I got out of my room and marched towards Flynn’s bedroom (guest bedroom). I didn’t want to ask for her help, but what can I do when I can’t concentrate because of her?

How am I even supposed to tell her that I like her more than a friend? I’ve known her for my whole life and I can’t possibly imagine myself telling her that I love her, but I also can’t imagine myself losing her because I didn’t tell her how I felt.



“Flynn Rider.” I knocked on her door.

“I don’t care father,” Flynn motioned me to wait as she spoke on her phone. “I’m used to you guys to forget about my existence.” She took in a deep breath. “You can come next year for all care, because you surely don’t, so telling me that you are not returning because mother filed for a divorce doesn’t really surprise me. But I am not moving with you. I’m staying here where I am.” I licked my lip and sat on the bed. “I’m not moving. That’s final.” Flynn spat and hanged up the phone.

“You okay?” I questioned as she threw herself next to me.

“Sort of,” Flynn sighed. “I knew that they were going to get a divorce but I never expected for my father to tell me that I have to move to England with him just because he doesn’t want to be in the same country as my mother. As if he has to stay in the same city.” Flynn let out a sigh. “I think I’m just going to move into a flat and not live with either of them.”

“Or you could just stay living here.” I rubbed her back. “You know that both my parents love you as their own kid.”

“I know that Noah,” Flynn sat up. “But I am not going to intrude here. This is your house and your family, and as much as I live here it isn’t my place.”

“Flynn,” I grabbed both her hands. “I am not going to let you live in a flat all alone. I will move in with you if necessary, but I am not going to let live by yourself.”



Flynn didn’t say anything further, she simply lie down again and patted the spot next to her for me to do the same. The minute I did so, she cuddled with me and started doing patterns with her fingers on my abdomen. I started playing with her hair, neither of us spoke a word, but we didn’t need to. Flynn was still thinking about the situation with her parents and she was going to tell me when she felt comfortable enough, as I explained before, you can’t force Flynn into something.




I woke up when Flynn’s alarm clock decided to blast Photograph at the highest volume possible. Grumbling I stumbled out of bed and made my way to my own room to get ready for the day. As I entered my room, I found out that I hadn’t finished my Chemistry homework, and that we had our game tonight.



“Noah.” My mother’s voice called. “Are you in here?”

“Yeah mom.” I replied opening the door to my room. “Whatcha need?”

“You weren’t here yesterday night.” My mom raised her eyebrow. “Fell asleep watching movies with Flynn?”

“Yeah.” I chuckled.

“Okay.” She smiled. “You have a game tonight right?”

“Yeah, are you going to be there?” I questioned

“Most likely.” She licked her lips. “Son, I don’t really want to intrude, but I think that you should tell Flynn that you like her more than just a friend.”

“You know about that?”

“Everyone does.”


“It’s obvious kid. I believe that the only person who doesn’t sees that is Flynn herself.” My mother patted my back. “Open her eyes, let her know how you feel, you’ll lose her if you don’t?”

“How do I do that?”

“Start with something simple, a date.”

“A date?”

“Yes. Take her somewhere she loves being, the library, the park, anywhere.”

“Okay.” I licked my lips. “Thanks mom.” My mom kissed my head and walked out of my room.



I am going to take Flynn Hale on a date. The perfect date. 

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