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It’s really funny you see, he is the sports guy and she is the bookworm. Best friends, the most odd of them, but the most perfect pair. Everyone knew, even when they didn’t, that they wanted to be more than just friends but neither dared to say a word.

“I freaking love you.” He panted.
“You ran from your game to my house just to tell me that?” She questioned in disbelief.
“Yes,” He grabbed her hands. “You’re worth more than just running. You deserve the world.”
She blushed. “I freaking love you.” She smiled.


8. Chapter Seven.

Chapter Seven

Flynn Hale


I stared at my best friend, as he practiced for his game later today. It’s a tradition, that they day of the game, we don’t eat lunch with the rest of the lads, but we rather eat lunch at the field, so that Noah can practice his shooting and I have no idea what else. There was still some tension between him and Alex this morning, when we met at my locker before class. I have no idea as to why Alex would have kissed my cheek, but I never thought that Noah would get so mad at it. He keeps saying that he will protect me and such, but it’s all because we are best friends and that is what best friends do, it is never because he has feelings for me. Like why would he have feelings for me, the bookworm?


“Did you see the last goal?” Noah questioned as he threw himself next to me. “If I can pull that play with defenses all over me, I’m sure that we’ll win this game with an amazing score from moi.”

“It was awesome.” I smiled; I had not seen the goal. “But maybe you should stay with the plays that you practiced with the coach and the team.” I shrugged. “That way there is no chance of missing.”

“Good point Rider.” Noah winked as I rolled my eyes. “Do you want to Petite Café, after the game?”

I frowned. “I thought you were going to head to the party the lads always make.” I replied.

“Meh, I want to spend time with you.” Noah sat up and smiled. “Do you want to?”

“Are you asking me out on a date?” I chuckled nervously. Noah knows that I love that place, yet he doesn’t really like it.

“I might be,” Noah gave me a playful smirk. “So? What does this beautiful girls say?” I bit my lip as I pretended to think of the answer. “Please don’t make me wait forever! I’m dying here!” Noah whined.

“Sure.” I gave him a full smile. “It sounds like the perfect idea.”

“It’s settled then.” Noah kissed my forehead. “I need to change before class. See you later Flynn Rider.” He added as he ran towards the dressing room.

“MY NAME IS NOT FLYNN RIDER!” I shouted and heard him laugh.




I placed the last book inside my locker before shutting it. I was supposed to meet with Noah before he went to change to his football attire, but I was scared that I was going to find Alex somewhere there. I am not scared of Alex; I just don’t want Noah and him to be fighting, over something so stupid as the kiss on the cheek. I’m more than sure that it meant nothing to Alex, but Noah, I think it mattered a bit too much to him, and I’m not trying to boost my own ego, but that might be a sign that he likes me, maybe a bit more than just a friend.

I decided that it was time to grow up and stop pretending that I could be the reason why people fought (and there goes my ego) and walked towards the changing rooms. I was the only person near the hallway of the boy’s room, because everyone knew that I was merely the best friend of the famous Noah Parker.


“Hey Louis.” I smiled as I saw the freshman come out of the locker room. “Could you tell Noah that I’m here?”

“Sure thing Flynn.” He gave me a wary smile and ran back inside.

Not even five minutes later Noah was outside in his shorts with a huge smile. “Hey there pretty lady.” He winked. “Came to give me a good luck kiss?” He joked.

“Ewe, you have cooties.” I chuckled and Noah pretended to cry. “Come here Noah.” I said with my arms open. “We have to do the tradition right?”

“Of course we have to.” Noah stepped into my arms and we hugged for five minutes. (Yes I take the time.) “Thanks.” Noah kissed my forehead.

“I’ll be at the usual place, wearing the usual shirt.” I gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“The one that coach thinks that I lost.” Noah laughed and winked at me. “Anything else?”

“Go beat them Noah!” I exclaimed. “Love you.” I added kissing his cheek and walking away blushing. Only if he knew how much I do love him.


I turned around and walked back to the stadium. I was in no hurry to get to the bleachers, as there was an assigned seat for me, Noah’s idea, and no one would dare to move me from my spot. There are some awesome perks of being Noah’s friend, but I don’t really like to use them, because it is not fair.

I waved at the cheerleaders as I walked past them and smiled as I saw Katie, the nice girl in English class, sitting next to my designated spot. Katie, she was my friend, you could say that she is one of the only girls I tolerate, she is really nice and I like her a lot, so that makes her my friend, though Noah isn’t so sure about her, but then again, what is he going to do? She hasn’t done anything bad to me.


“Hi Katie.” I smiled. “I thought you were going to go back home.”

“Oh no!” She beamed. “Alex told me about this party and he asked me to join him.” She winked. “I am not going to miss an opportunity to spend a whole evening with Alex.”

“Oh the party.” I nodded and frowned. “I thought you were dating Carl.”

“Yeah, well not anymore.” She winked to Alex as he waved at us.




I stood outside the car, as I waited for Noah to come back from the locker room, as we had a date. I bit my lip thinking about it, how awesome is that we are going on a date, and for the first time it is labeled, and I am super excited.


“Flynn?” I heard Alex’s voice. I spun around and took a step back. “Did you see the awesome game we played?”

“Yeah.” I replied.

“Are you scared?” He questioned and I frowned. “You’re mad.” I rolled my eyes. “If you don’t speak how am I supposed to know?”

“I’m mad at you Alex.” I spat. “You are never so nice to me, you treat me as if I were your sister, and now all of a sudden, you start trying to be all chivalrous. What is wrong with you?”

“Noah already brain washed you?” He chuckled and I rolled my eyes. “You should know that there are other people in this world, and you should be able to hang out with them without having Noah around. Grow up Flynn, you can’t be a little girl all of your life, Noah will get tired of you and he will-”

“I suggest that you leave right now Alex.” Noah spat. “Leave Flynn alone. The problem is between you and me, so leave her alone.” Alex backed up a bit and narrowed his eyes at Noah. “Get inside the car Flynn, don’t listen to him.”


I gulped and got inside the car, as much as I wanted to forget what just happened, something was going on between the two of them. Noah has always been protective of me, but this is more, this seemed like jealousy, he doesn’t really care if they talk shit behind his back, he was jealous, or maybe he was scared. Once Noah was inside the car we drove off to our destination.


“Noah,” I whispered. “What was that?”

“Don’t worry about it.” Noah sighed. “At least not tonight princess. Tonight is just you and me.” He added kissing my hand.

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