Close The Book

It’s really funny you see, he is the sports guy and she is the bookworm. Best friends, the most odd of them, but the most perfect pair. Everyone knew, even when they didn’t, that they wanted to be more than just friends but neither dared to say a word.

“I freaking love you.” He panted.
“You ran from your game to my house just to tell me that?” She questioned in disbelief.
“Yes,” He grabbed her hands. “You’re worth more than just running. You deserve the world.”
She blushed. “I freaking love you.” She smiled.


9. Chapter Eight.




Chapter Eight

Noah Phares


 I woke up with a huge smile on my face. Yesterday had been the best day of my life. Even when Alex tried to ruin it, everything went perfectly afterwards. I did know that Flynn loves that particular café because the decoration of the place resembles a library, and Flynn adores libraries.

Stretching I made my way to get ready for school before joining my mother, father and adorable Flynn in breakfast. Deciding with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt given to me by Flynn for my birthday, I grabbed my converse and walked down the stairs towards the kitchen.


“- They played amazing.” I heard Flynn saying. “He took me to the Petit Café, and I do know that he hates that place.” She chuckled.

“Oh really?” My mother questioned. “I thought you two had gone to the party.”

“Oh no.” Flynn opposed most likely shaking her head. “We went to a date.” She added in a small whisper.

“Finally!” My mother chuckled. “He’s been dying to take you out on date.”

“Sorry?” Flynn questioned confused. “What are you talking about?”

“Good morning mother,” I entered the kitchen before my mother told Flynn that I love her more than just a friend. “Flynn Rider.” I added with a wink.

“Where’s the arc Noah?” Flynn gave a smudge look as I sat down next to her.

“I still haven’t found my wife to help me build it out.” I winked. “But I know that she is closer than ever.”

Flynn rolled her eyes but said nothing. “Are you two going to come home early today?” My mother questioned as she served me my breakfast.

“I have practice.” I replied. “But after that I believe that we are coming back home.”

“Actually,” Flynn spoke. “I need to stop by my house. Mr. James texted me saying that my new books arrived yesterday.” She added with a smile.

“But you’ll be coming for dinner?” I nodded. “Your grandma is going to stop by for dinner, so please try to be here early.”

“Will do Mrs. Phares.” Flynn smiled as she stuck her tongue out to me. This girl is going to be the death of me.




I threw my head backwards as I heard my Chemistry teacher speak about the test we had tomorrow. I had to ace the test in order to keep up with my grades so that I could stay in the team. I know that I struggle with the class, and unlike me, Flynn was lost in her book because she aced the class. So me, being the amazing and most intelligent athlete here, I was going to make study date with the future woman who was going to stay with me for the rest of my entire life, well that is what I wish for.


“Psst, Flynn.” I whispered as I tried not to set the beast on fire. “Flynn.”

Flynn turned to face me and raised her eyebrow. “What’s up?” She replied back.

“Do you think that tonight, after dinner, you can help me study for the chemistry test we have tomorrow?”

“Sure thing Noah.” She gave me a sweet smile. “What do I get in exchange?” She added with a smirk.

I let out a sigh. “Why are you asking for something in exchange?”

Flynn let out a smile and tilted her head. “I was wondering how long it would take you to ask me for help, so I decided that when you finally got the guts, I was going to ask for something in exchange, for being so coward.”

“Coward?” I scuffed. “I’m no coward.”

“Oh yes you are.” Flynn rolled her eyes.

“Please enlighten me with the reason which you consider that makes me a coward.”

“It took you a week to ask me for help.” Flynn scoffed. “Why did it take you so long? I mean you and I, both know that you struggle with the class and that I don’t, but for some odd reason, you’ve been weird and that’s the reason as to why you are coward. You are afraid of asking for help? My help?” Flynn furrowed her eyebrow. “Are you hiding something from me?”

I let out a sigh and rubbed my forehead. “I’m not hiding anything Flynn.” I took in a deep breath. “It’s just that I am a bit stressed with the team, and school, and you.”

“Me?” Flynn frowned. “Why the underworlds are you stressed over me?”

I licked my lips. “I can’t tell you that here.” I whispered and packed my stuff and left the classroom.


I was being a coward. Flynn was right; it took me a week to ask for help, when I ask for help immediately. It’s just, complicated I guess. After the date yesterday, I was more than sure that I want for Flynn to be mine, and only mine, selfish I know, but wouldn’t you want the same for someone you love. I need to find a fast way to tell Flynn that I love her, more than just a friend or best friend. I need to accept my feelings towards her; it’s only a matter of time when either my mom or someone else tells her the truth.

I stopped at my locker and waited for Flynn, now I am more than a coward due to the fact that I ran away from her. How can I explain to her the reasons as to why I am stressed over her?


“Noah.” I heard Flynn’s voice. “I know that I want in exchange.”

“What do you want?” I whispered.

“The answer to my question.” She stared at me biting her lip.

I gulped. “Deal.”

“Perfect.” She nodded. “Now, let’s eat.”


Flynn grabbed my hand and dragged me around the hallway towards the Cafeteria. How can she be so oblivious? How can she not notice that she is the only one that can drag me around or even boss me around? She’s the only person that I will ever let control me, because when I’m with her, she becomes my world.


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