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1. The apple out of my reach

In a field of green, colorful fruits dangle before me from all sorts of trees of all shapes and sizes. There was one particular fruit that caught my eyes; a white apple. I approach the tree calmly before climbing. I reached for the apple only for the branch to grow farther and farther away out of my grasp. 

What the heck? Refusing to give up I try to pick another apple but like the first branch they all grow longer, So I try scooching up the branch itself. Right when the apple is an inch away from my fingertip the branch snaps and I fall to the golden green field below.

I open my eyes. 

Someone nuzzles my neck and for a second I almost panic but it was just Snowdrop, my older brother's cat who I was left in charge of for a while. It's been three weeks already since the day he barged through my front door and asked if I'd look after her for him. I was to startled to refuse at the time but I seriously don't mind.

The dream that I had was fading. I reach past a curious Snowdrop for my dream journal lying on the nightstand next to me. After recording my dream's contents I quickly move to my art room. The dream was still fresh in my mind. Inspiration was spurring me on, my hand was dipping paintbrushes into paint jars but soon it all got so out of control that I began dipping my fingers then hands(Snowdrop  helped), before I knew it I was done. 

A canvas the size of my art room wall completed, the trees and the heavenly field that I had seen in my dream was there as bright and vivid as a day could ever be. I thank the Lord for the dream and then for a while meditate before getting prodded by Snowdrop. We both needed a bath.

I give Snowdrop a bath first before taking one myself, I liked taking long ones early in the morning when the sun wasn't completely out and the sky was a dreamy blue. I happened to have an automatic feature in my bathroom where I could remove the ceiling off my roof to expose the glass hidden underneath. 

Some might call me a bit of an airhead but I love the way the sky reflects on the surface of the water, it makes me feel so ... otherworldly, the only time I can take to try and forget myself and just think about stuff, about the meaning of my life- my dreams, plans, future... I didn't want to be an artist, though I was good at it- it was just a hobby to me, a way to express myself, the dreams that I dream, I don't want to become a slave to mankind, forever catering to their wishes. 

If my Mom could hear me now she'd probably smack me upside the head and tell me to stop dreaming and go get a job. I had a job, I worked full time at Lacey Lots Cafe, the job's fairly tolerable, it's not bad but I'm not crazy about it.I'm content I guess. I close my eyes as I sink further into the bath and sigh. I wanted to forget about the other me who could barely express her opinion on anything...

I wish I could just get myself together already.

"Sheesh... just get yourself together already Maira!" Georgiana, one of my co-workers was screaming at her roommate again over the phone. It was something different everyday, today they were arguing about apartment rent. 

"Well it's not my fault that you got fired for your own incompetence! All I know, is that you better have that money by the time my shift is over." She hangs up the phone with a steamed look on her face and just stands there staring at nothing for a while. It was kind of funny.

"Georgiana, the order for table seven is ready." 

She snaps out of her daze and takes the tray from me that I had been holding out to her for the past thirty seconds.

"Right, thanks." I watch her as she wandered off. Jake sidled up to me and we watch her together in silence.

"Kid's got it tough."

"Mmm." I agree. 

"Reminds me of my younger days when I was still in my rock band..." Jake gets a far off look in his eye. I smile to myself. The only thing that I had in common with these people was our tendency to daydream the only difference is I don't do it when I'm working.

"Mr. Liam said something about a leaky toilet." I tell him. My voice seems to pull him back to reality and he nods drunkenly before shuffling off. These people, if I weren't here they'd be staring off into space for an eternity.

Lunch Break fades in, I go out with a few of my co-workers the usual place a burger restaurant called Empress. We order what we always order and we talk about the same things we always do, when the food arrives one of my co-workers Una focuses all her attention on me.

"Hey Inoue, I've been meaning to ask... who's that guy in your locker?" 

I blink at her, the question was a bit sudden it took me a second to pull up a recent memory of what my locker looked like.

"The blonde?" 

"No. Not your brother. The dark haired muscular dude." 


"He's my ex-fiancee." Even though I didn't think it was any of her business I didn't want to lie. 

"You were engaged?" Everyone gawks at me. I smile.

"It was an arranged marriage." 

"What happened?"

"Uh.... I objected?" 

Una, Tatum and Beth just blink at me.

"If you were against it why do you have a picture of him in your locker?" 

I don't know... I like his face? His face is very friendly- it just has that greeting face that puts you at ease... I don't say this however.

"I don't know...I like the way he looks, if I were to ever get married I'd want my husband to look similar to him?"

They all just study me.

"I'm curious to know why you objected if you like him."

I objected because I knew he didn't like me. He was only doing it because he made some deal with my Dad, who used my hand in marriage as a condition. There was no way I was going to be that depressed wife who eventually commits suicide because she is so unloved. I could totally picture myself as that one chick slicing her wrists in the bathtub-I'm not proud of it but if push came to shove that would most definitely be me.

"That's classified." I say. 

The girls groan at me.

"You barely talk, I want to know... what goes on in the mysterious life of Inoue?" Beth says wide eyed, she was going into cupid mode, she was that one chick who gets all teary eyed over romance moves and those wild channel videos where weaker animals get devoured. I take a bite out of my burger as everyone begins talking about me and my possible future husbands. The conversation eventually stretches to celebrities and their love lives and a whole bunch of gossip. 

The rest of that day was completely normal. 



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