Bloody Mary

"Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary."


2. chapter 1



For all the kids who feel as though peer pressure changed them to much, and made them do regretable things.

This is for you.

Remember to stay true to yourselves and who you are. Always remember where you come from.




Pushing open the doors to the highschool, the smell of books and something else unidentifiable greet me as well as a few new teachers.

I immediately scan the hallways for Mikey and Nathan, knowing they would be waiting for me. I eventually found them talking about something and walked over.


"Hey," I smiled.


"Hi." Mikey smiled back.


"How are you?" Nathan asked, hugging me briefly.


"I'm good. How are you guys?" I replied.


"I've been good too," Mikey nodded.


"Me too." Nathan shrugged.


"Okay, so what classes are we in this year?" I asked.


Mikey pulled a piece of paper from his backpack and read out the classes he would be in. Finishing with ,"Maths-- ew." And a scoff.


"I've got the same classes," Nathan said.


"Me too. I'm glad we finally got our classes with each other." I replied.




"Hey mum," I called when I got home from school.


"Yes?" She replied.


"When are Sarah and Mabel getting here on Friday?" I asked, walking into the kitchen to talk to my mum properly.

Sarah and Mabel were my cousins, and they were coming to visit the next weekend.


"Around 5:30pm. Why?" Mum replied.


"I'm inviting all my friends over on Friday. Maybe play a few games like truth or dare," I paused and looked at my mother with a smirk. "Spin the bottle."




"I'm kidding, mum!" I laughed. "But I am inviting them over."


"Ask your father for permission first." She said.


"Mum, I already inv--"


"Ask. Your. Father." She repeated.


I rolled my eyes and walked upstairs to the guest bedroom-- my father was repainting the walls-- and knocked on the doorframe. "Dad."


"Yes, sweetie?" My father set down his paintbrush and looked at me.


"Can I invite my friends over on Friday?" I asked.


"Who's all coming over?" He asked.


"Mikey, Christian, Andrew, Daniel, Jess and Diana." And I quietly added, "Nathan."


My dad gave me a look. "Fine. But absolutely no funny business or you're grounded."


"Yes sir," I nodded. "Thank you."


"You're welcome," He replied.


And then he was back to painting and I ran downstairs and into the kitchen to tell my mum.

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