Project X

Read to find out! The plot is still unfolding. So if your curiosity gets the best of you, take a peek it won't hurt. . . Much :p


2. Chapter 1: Where am I?



        Drip. . . Drip. . . . Drip. . . Drip. I felt something running down my face and landing on the ground with a dull splat. I struggled to open my eyes, my head felt like it was going to explode. There was a burning around my ankles. As I tried to move my legs, my whole body started to sway. I finally managed to open my eyes to find that everything in the room was upside down. “Am I tied up?” I thought groggily trying to recall how I got myself into this predicament. Nothing came to mind but the constant ache in my head. 

    Drip. . .Drip. . . Drip. . . I felt the back of my head flinching from the growing pain, it was warm and wet to the touch. I looked down at my hand to find that it was covered in a red liquid. “Is that blood?” I thought trying to stay awake, I don’t need to fall back asleep. 

    “I need to stop the bleeding.” I mumbled aloud looking around. It seemed like I was being held in a garage. Above me was a chain with a tow hook attached to the ropes around my ankles.  Scattered on the floor where bits and pieces of metal equipment,  there were stains on the concrete the color of rust. Could be from oil. . . or blood. the thought made a chill ran down my spine.  “Now’s not the time for panic.” I said trying to calm myself. After all it wasn’t the first time I had been in this kind of situation. I looked over to the right to find a table with a tool box, it was open. 

    I was several feet away from it so i strained my eyes to get a better look of what was on the table. There appeared to be a rusty bone saw, pliers, and something that appeared to be  scissors. Instead of blade it had three prongs that looked like they were for grabbing small objects. There were tiny white pieces of rock scattered all over the table. It took me a moment to realize that they were not rocks, but in fact teeth. I instantly ran my tongue against mine to make sure I had all my teeth.  Good those belong to someone else. . . Relief flooded through me but only for a brief moment before I began to hear the loud rumbling of the garage door opening. 


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