Kidnapped by my bestfriend ( L.H )

Hi my name is Amyim 18 I have blue eyes and blonde hair and blue and purple dip die I live in Australia I go to norwest collage x


10. the stripper🙈

Have you got the drugs Luke Said

Yep the curled hair one said


They striped me and give me drugs and gangbanged me but let me tell you I was high as a fucking kite

I was sitting down stirs Luke and the 3 boys who I don't know went to a strip club

Then Luke walked in with a girls only in a bra and short scirt

Who is this slut the stripper said

My sister luke said giving me eyes to joking alone with the lies

Luke mom is away for 4 months so your lucky and love don't call me a slut bitch

Ok tha--

He was inturuped ( sorry don't know how to spell because I'm a wierdo 😋) ofthat slut of his

Bitch I can call u wat ever I want slut

Aye your a geg I said to the girl

With that I jumped up and knocked her out and walked out of the house but as soon I was luke graped me with his hand and pulled me back in and shouted

What the fuck you slut go kill your self no one would care and slapped me I looked at him shocked as a tear rolled down my face

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