Kidnapped by my bestfriend ( L.H )

Hi my name is Amyim 18 I have blue eyes and blonde hair and blue and purple dip die I live in Australia I go to norwest collage x


5. little fucker

I woke up I looked around then seen I wasn't in my room I look beside me and seen a naked Luke beside my then I look down at me and seen I was naked to all the memories of last night came back

I just lost my Virginity to my best friend ffs

Good morning babe

Good morning and don't call me babe

I can call you what ever I want slut

Fuck you I jumped out of bed and got dressed

Luke don't speak to me again you fuckboy

Ns you ahah

Skip 2 days back to school

I walked to to school and someone walked in to me


Watch were you are going lv

Fuck up Luke what's wrong with you

What wrong with me what's wrong with you

With that I slapped him

Mon see after school

Fuck up Luke nothing going to happen after school

That's not what you will be saying you with be shouting my name he said with a grim

I just walked away

FUCKBOY I screamed witch cause the school to stop talkin and look at me .

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