Kidnapped by my bestfriend ( L.H )

Hi my name is Amyim 18 I have blue eyes and blonde hair and blue and purple dip die I live in Australia I go to norwest collage x


1. About me

Hi my name is Amy I'm  18 I have blue eyes and blonde hair and blue and purple dipdie I live in Australia I go to norwest collage. I have some friends I'm not a popular I'm just a normal girl my best friend Luke hemmings we have been best friends since 12 years now




I woke up till the Sound of my alarm I hoped out of bed and turned it off I did my morning routine witch is a shower and make up I went to get my clothes I picked out black high waisted shorts with a T-shirt and black vans I headed to my kitchen to get something to eat and pick something simple an apple

I live on my own because my mom died in a car crash and my dad was takein drugs and would always com home late drunk so I moved here

I heard Luke car horn go off I went and got my bag and walked out to his car.

we went to school I walked up to my mates orla and macy and I look around for luke but he was no were to be seen. There was something going on I deffo know at for sure but I just ignored the it and walk in to school.


Luke was not Any were to be found in school I was walking home i decided to take a shortcut I turn the corner to see Luke and 5 guys smoking I just Walk past until I hear lukes voice.

Hey you we slut

I turned around and told him to fuck up I was about to walk away until someone pushed me into the wall and hit me in the face.

U no what you wee cunt I'm gonna stab you in your sleep ahah u may get outa my face be for I knock your cunt in Luke said

You no what Luke you won't be fucking touching me LLF we are not best friend anymore so don't come back to me when u need help or for any shit.

I ran of when I got back home I headed up the stairs and cryed for about a hour I went to the bathroom and thought of something I have never did since my mom died I grab my blade I have not touched since last year and cut one straight line on my arm

my phone started ringing I ingnored the called my phone rang 20 times I was on my 40 cut until my door busted open there stood a crying Luke he looked at me and he ran over to me tryed through the blade in the sink and cryed harder and hugged me I never hug pack I'm so so so so so sorry please forgive me please ur my best friend

Not anymore Luke from the things u said to me

He fell to the ground crying I hate seeing him cry but I have to stay strong

Please forgive me I can't live with out you

Will the things u said sounded like u could live without me babes

Please give me a nothere chance please

No Luke get the FUCK OUT

He stood up he looked pissed

You no what I love u Amy I loved you since the day I saw you and im sorry please

Amy:Sorry is not enough

Luke:Please I need you

He started crying

Amy:Ok FFs

Luke:Wait ur giving me a nothere chance


He kissed me on the lips and I depend the kiss I felt fireworks everywhere

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