No Happy Ending


1. party

Alyssa Lane

"Luke you don't have to?" I said as I smiled up at him.

"I don't have to.But I want to, okay!?"

"I can never win an argument with you can I?" I said as Luke opened the car door for me.

Luke them closed the door.

"You never let me win an argument!" I say as Luke gets in the car and just laughs.

"Hey, I know you oh to well Alyssa and your idea would be really boring compared to mine."

"That's no fair Luke. Some of my ideas could be pretty fun, you just don't give them a chance."

"Okay I'm sorry Alyssa. Next time we will go along with your idea."

Luke never let me just walk home like I wanted. He would argue with me till he had me get in his car. He was such a pain. But he's my best friend and I don't think that we should fight over just how we were going to get to his house.

We got to Luke's house and as usual made our way upstairs to his room, to put our stuff down. I always enjoyed being in his room. It just felt so comfortable and safe.

"Alyssa, so what should we do tonight?"Luke said as he came and sat by me and put his head on my shoulder.

I messed up his hair with my right hand, and he just laughed and then tried to fix it.

"Why must you always mess with my hair?" Luke says as he lays his head in my lap.

"I guess it's just a habit. But anyways how about we go party tonight?! I heard there is a rager going on at Nialls."

"Okay. Let's go Alyssa, but remember take it easy on the alcohol."

"Of course dad!" I say before the two of us burst out in laughter.


We got to the party and wow! Niall really did know how to throw a party. There were lights everywhere inside his house. Of course right when we get here the first to approach Luke are the girls.

"Hey Luke. You want to hang out with me for awhile?" A drunk blonde girl says as you could tell she has had a little to much to drink.

Luke drapes his arm over my shoulder and then looks down at the drunk blonde. "Nah... I'm hanging out with this chick tonight."

Luke then smiles and the blonde gives me a rude look.

"You've really got to stop using me as an excuse."

"Hey how else am I going to get these girls off of me als? Besides we came here to hangout together."

"Alright, but don't think I'm sticking by your side all night,Luke. I want to have some fun."

"Fine." Luke says as he folds his arms together,and puts them near his chest.

I walked to the kitchen where a huge keg was. Wow!! Was that a lot of liquor. Either I was going to get so drunk that I didn't remember a thing or Luke was going to have to be my babysitter for the rest of the night.


Alyssa and I are always up to stupid yet weird stuff. But, it always felt so weird when these girls would come up to flirt. I know that it gets on allies nerves when I use her as an excuse. But, to be completely honest she is basically the only girl I like to be around.

But, if I ever told her that she would probably freak. Ever since I first met Alyssa, I haven't had eyes for another girl. She just makes me happy. But there are times where she is just like a simple sister, and I was her brother basically. But everyone else had seen like we were already dating, which wasn't true.... No matter how bad I wanted it to. .

Alyssa and I make our way to the keger. And of course Alyssa is drinking like no tomorrow. Did she not hear me clearly when I had said to take it easy? I guess not.

"Take it easy Alyssa." I say as I take her cup from her hand and could already sense after the the 30 minutes we've been my this keger that she was already drunk.

"Give it back!" Alyssa says as she reaches for the red cup in my hand.

"No way, you've had enough. I think it's time we get out of here." I say as I grab allies coat from the counter and drape my arm around her leading her towards the door when I'm stopped by Niall. Great.

"Leaving so soon Hemmings? The party just started and you and Alyssa are already leaving?" Niall says as he has his arm around a Burnett girl who is seriously drunk.

"Figured I'd take als home, she has already drank a lot." I look down at Alyssa to see that she is already staring to slowly fall asleep against my shoulder, so I pick her up bridal style, and Niall just laughs.

"Well then. Guess the two of you have finally labeled your selves something?"

I look at him confused and then say, "what are you talking about Niall? We're just friends. She like a sister to me. I've got to get Her home. I'll talk to you tomorrow or Monday alright."

Before walking out on stopped by the same blonde that stopped us earlier. Oh, come on does everyone have to stop me when I'm trying to leave?

"Hey Luke!" She says as she slurs her words together.

"Look I can't talk now. I've got to get als home."

The blonde just gives me a messed up look and then moves from blocking my way.

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