No Happy Ending


3. New Guy, Jealous?

Part 3


Me and Alyssa drove over to Mikey's, so we could all hang out for the day, and play some video games and stuff.

"Didn't think the two of you were coming?" Mikey says as him and Calum are both already playing a game of call of duty.

"Had to wait on Alyssa " I say as I sit down next to the guys on the couch and Alyssa makes her way to the other to sit by Ashton.

"So what do we got planned for tonight?" Ashton says as he looks up from his phone to see that Alyssa had just sat by him.

"Is movie night still in or did you guys want to go out and do something?" Calum says as he is staring intensely at the screen.

"Guess we could still settle for movie night, I've got nothing planned and to be completely honest with you guys I don't want to be up to going out anywhere, especially after last night." Alyssa says as she lifts her feet up and puts them in the table.

"Get wasted or something?" Ashton says as he nudges her arm and just laughs.

"Totally got wasted!" I said as Alyssa just shoots daggers at me from those dark brown eyes of hers.

"Hey, not my problem. That was all on you last night." I say as me and the rest of the guys just start to laugh.

We sit playing a few rounds of call of duty for a few hours before deciding that we were actually hungry.

"How bout we go eat at that burger shack on 5th?" Ashton says as him and Alyssa are on the other couch basically kicking each other because Ashton was trying to put his legs on Alyssa lap.

Alyssa nudges him in the side with her elbow pretty hard earning a yelp from Ashton.

"Hey you should know better than to try and pick a fight with me!" Alyssa says as we all laugh at what happened.


We along pile in my car and in Michaels, to the burger shack. We never really have been here since they redid the entire thing but, Ashton had heard it's one of the new hangouts here in town so we decided to just go.

We walk in and, man have I never seen so many people in one place before. We sit a huge booth, and Alyssa gets up to the washroom well me and the guys stay to order our food.



I'm walking to the washroom when I'm stopped by someone.

"Scuse me!" I say as I try and pass on through. But the guy infront of me just looks down at me with his brown eyes.

"Excuse me cutie!" He says as leans up against the wall.

"So, what's your name? I've never seen you here before?" He says as he just stands there looking at me.

"My names Alyssa " I say as I stand by the wall next to him. As much as I wanted to leave from the situation I was in I didn't, there was something about the way this guy looked that just intrigued me, you know.

"Names Liam!" He says as he takes out his hand to shake mine.

"Nice to meet you Liam!" I say as I shake his hand.

"So what brings you to the burger shack? Here with a boyfriend or something?"

"Or something?!" I say before laughing.

"I'm just here with my friends."

"That's pretty cool. So.. Hey you doing anything tonight? I heard there's a pretty good movie coming out at the theater tonight. Maybe you'd want to go and catch with me?" Liam says as I could tell he starting to get a little nervous.

"I was going to watch movies with the guys tonight but I think I could reschedule with them." I say as I look over at the guys, sitting in the booth where Mikey has already started messing with the small packets of sugar on the table.

"Alright cool. So how about we get out of here then?" He says as e stands up straight.

"Okay. But no funny biz. I say,"

"Haha your funny Alyssa! Niall has already told me all about you!"

"Well good because now you know I won't take anything stupid from you."

Niall and I dated back in grade nine. And as you could tell it didn't work out so well or else we would still be together, but we still agreed upon being friends.

"Let's just go tell the guys, I'm leaving, and we could go." I say before walking over to the booth the guys are at.

"Hey Alyssa, we were going to order your food but didn't know what you had wanted." Ashton says as he looks up from his phone.

"It's alright, I'm heading out anyway. If that's okay." I say as they all look up at me.

"Where are you going als?" Luke says as he looks at me, with sad eyes.

"I got invited to go out to movie, I'll hang out with you guys next weekend alright." I say as I grab my coat next to luke.

"Alright, but your missing out, als I bring out the big time movies tonight!" Mikey says as pushed the sugar jar back.

"Which movie? The terminator like you always want to?" Ash says as he laughs.

"Go ahead als, we'll see you tomorrow yeah?" Calum says as i wave to them and make my ways out the door with Liam.



I kind of figured that als would go back on her word to not go out tonight.

It kind of gets me jealous to see her going out with some of nialls friends especially after niall had treated her.

"So Luke, what's up with you and Alyssa? " Ashton says as flicks his straw paper at me.

"Nothing. Why?" I say trying not to let the jealousy show that she was with another guy.

"Just you to are always together kind of weird if you ask me." Ashton says final putting his phone down on the table.

"Nah, just good friends nothing else."

"You sure bout that?" Mikey's says as gives me this serious stare.

"Absolutely sure, now can we change the subject. I say as the waitress bring us our food.

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