My Extremely Unextraordinary And Tediously Accurate Diary [for competition]

Upon opening movellas I discovered a competition. A very Public affair in which I present my private thoughts and feelings. And what better way as to keep it private than broadcast it on the Internet? This is the diary of a very uninteresting character, like myself. In which I struggle through my finals, boys and bad friendships. Join me?


1. Liberate

How do you usually start these things anyways? I'm guessing the most common is to start by addressing the inanimate object. So here goes,

Dear diary,

Today started out like any other. I was talking to one of my friends in a lesson and overheard a conversation between two girls opposite me, the band groupies.

The band groupies consists of about five girls who were dating band members within our year. They had the best fashion sense and there taste in music wasn't general. Rather, they had a taste for Led Zeppelin and Red hot chilli peppers. I on the other hand prefer the arctic monkeys, Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars.

But that's beside the point, according to 'the band groupies' the band 'liberate', their boyfriends, are doing a gig this Saturday. So naturally, I, always being up for a good night out, decided I'd find the band and ask them about it.

By lunch it was the talk of the year, teachers and students alike were talking about going to the gig. Me and my best friend decided we'd be up for going, seeing as exams had started we deserve a good time!

By Saturday I was totally pumped! I like to pride myself in my inability to stick to one fashion style and so today's outfit was made up of black skinny jeans, white tank top, Tommy jeans jacket I'd borrowed from my dad (much too large and so I'd rolled up the sleeves) and red hightops.


So at about half eight, we rock up outside the WMC. (The pub where they're playing at) I don't get a foot out the car before I hear "you're not aloud in here." Completely ready to stand my ground, I look up and there's Blaise! A girl I hadn't seen for ages! The poor lass had gotten in a little bit of trouble with the law and she had to move houses, school's, everything! I was one of her closer friends that did try to stay in touch with her. But I had started to get a little bit of a bad reputation as a result and sort of lost touch... Mostly by accident.

Anyways, she ended up hugging me for like 10 minutes outside in the cold and my best friend ended up having to drag us apart. When we got in, I was half expecting the place to be empty. I was wrong. Very wrong. The place was packed! There were people everywhere, people I hadn't seen before and then people from school. And there, in the centre of all the chaos was Cole. Dear Lord! Cole was a seriously underrated boy about a year older than everyone there but he was gorgeous! I hadn't told anyone of my tiny crush on him as pretty much everyone in our school liked him, but, because of his social status, no one really paid him much attention.

He wasn't popular, nor was he unpopular. He was a floater, he kept low on everyone's radar but you still knew who he was. He has the clearest blue eyes and chiselled jaw line and the nicest dark mane of hair in our year! And because of his glorious looks, girls were falling over themselves to talk to him outside of school: where no one could see.

I know he doesn't like me in that way, I'm sort of a floater myself. I'm quite loud and obnoxious in lessons, (He's rather quiet.)  I get in trouble a lot, (well, he doesn't speak so.) but I don't tend to go to any parties I'm invited to. I don't really like people. Astrid (Best friend) brought moonshine, a drink the Irish side of my family brush their teeth with. After the first couple of rounds from the band and a quick swig of the lukewarm concoction Astrid had made, the Arctic Monkeys cover began to get better.

By the end of the night I was belting my heart out to 'Mr Brightside' by The Killers.

I'm not even sure they were playing it.

Apparently Blaise is Bi.

I found that out after she kept trying to kiss me and I blurted out the question. She said she was Bi, but I'm cool with that. I'm cool with a lot of things really. At around about midnight Liberate were playing their last song and Astrid's feet were killing her so we ended up leaving mid song. Blaise said we'd have to meet up soon, to which Astrid told to her F off. I'm not surprised really, Astrid hates Blaise.

We ended up walking about two miles to the closest Chinese take-out on the main street. When we got there Cole and Lindsay were ordering something. Lindsay, in case you ever need a hooker anytime soon, is a whore.

She does have a boyfriend, Ace, but she seems to be pushing her tits in Cole's face any time she can. It's not that I hate her or anything... It's just that if she were on fire and there was a glass of water beside her, I'd drink it. Slowly.

In case I forget to thank Astrid, I'll make a note here to do so. ~Say Thank You To Astrid~

She got rid of Lindsay so I could talk to Cole! Yay her! I cant actually remember what we spoke about, all I know is we had a kicking war and he likes to hunt... do what you will with that information.

Okay, so that's pretty much all that happened today.



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