my one true love


1. chapter one

Sophie's POV

I look out my window and watch her leave her house again.

"God she is fucking beautiful"

I say to myself for the billionth time. Hannah has been my woman crush ever since she moved in next door six years ago. I've always loved her style. So much like mine. All from the men's department. That made me even more attracted to her. As I watch her walk down her drive way. "Past her car, that's strange" I think. I study her closely, she has small cuts on her arm. that's wired. I have never seen those before, maybe Ollie. no she would never do that.

"God I hope she is ok,"

It takes me a minute to realize that she is headed over to my house for our collaboration today.

"SHIT, I forgot" I scream just as she knocks. I run and answer the door.

"Hello" Hannah says in sweet voice.

"Ello, hey Hannah sorry but I forgot about today, family probs you know"

"Yeah, I get it"

"Well come on in. I just need to get dressed and grab my camera" I say letting her into my living room. I run as fast as I can into my bed room. I head on over to my closet and look at my wardrobe. I just grab the first thing I saw and put on a matching beanie to lazy to fix my hair and grab my camera off my unmade bed. I come running out of my room, " ready" I scream.

"Great lets get started" she says as she stands up.

*two hours later*

Hannah's POV

I watch as Sophie gets up and turns off her camera, "so I had fun today" she says to me. "Yeah, so did it. we should do this more often" I said trying to hide the fact that I was blushing. Sophie was the most gorgeous blond I have ever met. She is always funny and great to be around. I've loved her ever since I moved into the hood. She was the first person to greet me into the hood. She also had a great sense in fashion, like I. all from the men's department. I can never really tell if she likes me or not. I know dame well though that she is straight and I don't even have a chance.

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