my one true love


2. chapter 2

Hannah's POV

" I thanks for having me, Sophie", I say as I slowly step out of her house, "I really had fun making today's collaborations"

"Yeah, me too. sorry to push you out the door so soon I just really need to call my mom for updates on everything" Sophie says a litter shyly.

"Yeah I get it", I say nodded my head In understanding, "is it ok if I come by later to help edit our videos" I ask openly. "Sure, just can you text me before you do so I have a warning" Sophie says with a slight chuckle. "Sure, bye sophie" I say as I walk and she she closes the door behind me.

Sophie's POV

I take a deep breath of relief. My hart ( see what I did there) is pounding. I have never felt this way before. I also felt bad for lying to her like that about my family. So I called Tyler. Tyler Oakley was a youtuber just like Hannah and I. Tyler and I have been through thick and thin together. We have been friends since the first grade.

"Hello" Tyler says

"Hey ty"

"I'm on my way"

"Great, you always seem to know when I need you"

"Well of course, you only call when you need me to come over for something important"

"Hummm, good point ty, see us soon"

"K, bye"

I put my phone down on my coffee table and fall back onto my couch. I turn my T.V. on flip to my favorite show, Roseann, the best T.V. show ever created. I just sit there on my couch laughing for a few when my door bell rings. "COME ON IN TYLER" I scream. I hear the door open and close. I can hear footsteps. Thinking it is Tyler I pause my show and just stare. I pat the open spot on my couch, "come sit Queen" I say. "Umm soph, it's just me Hannah. Tyler's not here yet"

"Oh, hey Hannah" I say suppressed. I look up at the short girl. I stand up.

"We should get started I guess" I yawn as I walk over to my computer.

"That's not why I'm here sophie" Hannah says with a very serious look.

"Oh, your not" I stop dead in my tracks

Hannah's POV

I can't believe I'm about to do this. I feel a little sick to my stomach. "Yeah can you come sit down for this please" I say nervously. Sophie finishes walking over to the computer and pulls up her desk chair next to the couch and sits on it backwards. "Yes, I'm all ears open" she says knowing that I have to tell her something important. "Well, umm, Sophie ever since, Ummm. Ok ok ok I can't do this I'll just text it to you" I say hating myself.

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