What the...

Hey everyone I'm a beginner so please no mean comments!! Any pointers would be great!!


1. hunting in the dark

I decided not to go to my art camp, I mean why would I if I can stay with him? He was the light to my dark. The ketchup to my mustard... Wait what the....

"Hey Joan" said callie

" oh hey..."

"Coming to my party tonight?"

"Um what?"

"Were you daydreaming again? You totally love him!"

"No I don't!

"Okay if you say so"

He walks over

"Hey Joan" said Mike

"Hello wow o- I mean I'm... hi"

"Heh your cute, see you later right?"

"Um sure..."

"Mike come look at this!" Jax yells

"Wow... That was bad and I thought I was stupid!

"Oh shut up callie"

Bell rings

"Look I'm late I guess I'll see at at ur party"

Please no mean comments!!! Thanks I'm just a total beginner. Any pointers???

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