What the...

Hey everyone I'm a beginner so please no mean comments!! Any pointers would be great!!


2. feelings

"Hey mike" I said as flirty as I could

"Are you flirting with me?"

"Umm yeah... You don't want me too?"

"Well... I have a girlfriend"

"Wait... What!?!?"

"But we like kissed and-"

"I was drunk... No hard feelings?" He said happily

"No hard feelings!" I screamed

"Look Jo I care about you"

"Don't call me that and if you cared for me you would love me so screw you!" I yelled

It felt like my lungs would burst and my eyes would fall out. I ran as far as I could from that house. Why would he kiss me if he had a stupid dumb ass girlfriend? I mean I'm pretty right? I mean I hope I am...

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