Match made in heaven

Casey is in love with Michael. He doesnt even know she exists. One day her luck turns around as he asks her on a date....


4. Date

He told me he would pick me up at eight and I gave him my address. I felt kind of happy that he had asked me.

Was that what he wanted to ask me at McDonalds?

At six, I started to get ready. We were going to the movies and I wore my high waisted black jeans and my 'Dope' beanie. I put makeup on and my leather jacket.

I was ready at 7:59

Was he actually going to come tonight?

What was he going to pick me up on? He doesnt have a car he rides his motor bike to school. I took some money just in case. I stood peeking through the blinds.

A motorcycle roared up and the guy took off his helmet. Fiery red hair emerged. I thought he would come up to the door. He actually did. He rang the doorbell waiting.

I opened the door with my sweaty palms and he grinned at me.

"Ready?" He asks handing me his spare helmet.

"Born ready" I said eagerly. He took my hand. He got on the bike so I could get behind him and grip his waist. I could see I was going to enjoy this.


Predictions guys?

Please check out my other story- Dont hurt my Amnesia and the sequel Getting over Amnesia.

5sos concert in 17 days I cant wait!!!!!! Also my Mum finds out the gender of her baby next month. Its my sixth sibling and I can hardly wait. I dedicate this story to Georgia my best fan girl friend who introduced me to 5sos love you Georgia xxxxxxx

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