Match made in heaven

Casey is in love with Michael. He doesnt even know she exists. One day her luck turns around as he asks her on a date....


3. Apology

Chapter three- michael's pov

I walked to go meet her before Luke called me.

"Mike! Quick! Its Ellis he is knocking on my door looking for you!" Yelled Luke into the phone.

I sighed and hung up.

It was only quarter to eight, maybe I could make it.

I told him I would be there in five and ran in the opposite direction.

I got to Luke's to see Jack shouting out of his window.

"Clifford!" Ellis caught sight of me and charged at me. I was too fast and punched him, he passed out and I dragged him to his house. I was done and it was quarter past eight.


I ran across town.

I arrived at thirty five minutes past eight.

She wasnt here?

I bet she had already gone.

I bet she thought I stood her up.

I felt so horrible, I had stood a girl up.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

I called a cab to Ashton's

I drove past her. Makeup tears running down her gorgeous face.

What have I done? I asked the driver if I could just go home. I couldn't believe myself.

Casey's pov

I walked into English kinda nervous.

Michael was already stood alone behind his seat. He was looking at his feet. I edged past him to get to my seat. I totally ignored him.

"About last night..." He began.

"You stood me up, I looked stupid" I snapped.

"Let me explain.... Luke had someone attacking him and I helped him. I got there and it was too late" he said. I couldnt believe what I was hearing, I just shrugged.

"Im sorry, forgive me?" He said. He pouted. I smiled and nodded.

"Ill pick you up tonight, me and you go to the movies, think of it as a, a date. Ill pay" he winked.

I blushed.

After the lesson, Abby came up to me.

"Case, what did he say?" She asked.

"That he was sorry. He explained what he had to do and he asked me on a date!" I squealed.

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