What makes me happy?


1. That Idea

 The moment I knew I loved to create stories was the moment I was assigned by my English teacher to write a short story. I created the most random and crazy story ever and it was titled "The Mysterious Disappearance of Aunt Tatiana". It was not good, but I still remember how I would not stop writing and how this story ended up being nine pages long while my classmates' were no more than three pages long. It was in this moment that I realized that the reason why my story was different from theirs was that I wanted it to go on and I would've made it longer if the teacher hadn't told me it was time to turn it in. My friends didn't understand just how incredible it was that we could create whatever story we wanted to create and that we could write it down and then it would be real. They didn't get it, but I did. I knew from that moment on that I am a writer. Writing makes me happy because I when I'm talking, reading, thinking, or listening to a teacher teach, I will get an idea. It will hit me and my body will be filled with joy and I will smile and reach for a notebook and write the idea down. It is that moment when I realize something I did not see before that I am truly happy. It is the new idea that fills me with glee. It is knowing that something so creative and incredible just hit me, me and no one else I have a writer's mind and it makes me so happy.

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