For her protection

Hermione was smuggled out of England for her protection after a tip off from Severus Snape that she being targeted. No one but Remus and Kingsley knew where she went. After all it was For her Protection.


6. Family Breakfast

Hermione had woken early as she always did. Her hand rubbing her swollen belly she slowly sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed. "uhhh" came from the lump that was Charlie. "shh baby its ok. Im going to start breakfast" Hermione replied. She waddled down the hallway and could hear grumbling from Danut's room. He and James were sat in his crib playing with each other. She picked the both of the up and took them down stairs to stop them disturbing the other slumbering children in the room. When she got down to the kitchen she placed the boys in a playpen in the corner. "Shall we make some yummy porridge little ones?" she cooed to the boys. Hermione reached up into the cupboard and used magic to pour milk into a pan on the stove. She watched it heat up and poured in the porridge oats. As she stirred it she heard squeaking on the stairs. "Good morning Hermione. I didn't think you would be up this early." came Molly's soft motherly voice. She had hoped to get down to the kitchen first so she could prepare some of the food the horde was going to need and allow Hermione to sleep in a little. "Morning Molly. I'm just making some porridge for Danut and James. I hope Ginny wont mind me feeding James. I don't know what he likes but Danut likes porridge with banana mashed into it." Hermione started to look nervously at the porridge. What if Ginny went mental when she saw what Hermione had fed to her son. "Oh thats perfect. I always give the children that when they stay with me." replied Molly. Hermione gave a sigh of relief as she poured the porridge into two small children's bowls one with dragons on it and the other with unicorns on it. Hermione cut banana into half and mushed each half into the bowls. She put Danut in one high chair as Molly put James into the one next to it. The bowls were put in front of the boys and Hermione gave James a spoon and grabbed the bibs from the back of the highchairs. Molly sat back for a moment and realised how little she had been there for Hermione and Charlie. Of course there was nothing she could do. She hadn't even known that they were alive. Hermione clearly had practice at looking after more than one child at once, something her and molly shared. None of her other children seemed to be so good at handling all their children at once. Hermione was a natural. Maybe Molly had helped her other children a bit too much with their children. They definitely relied on her far too much when it came to her grandchildren. Hermione was feeding Danut as James fed himself. Well he tried most of it did reach his mouth but it was making a detour through his hair first. Once the boys were done eating Hermione got up and cleared the bowls up. Her and Molly started to hear the creaks and squeaks of people moving around upstairs. Hermione moved to the fridge and got out a big box of eggs. A pan flew from the hook on the ceiling to the sink. It filled with water and moved to the stove. Hermione turned and got the bread and started putting slices in the toaster. Molly watched with amazement how serene Hermione was. When Molly's children were little every meal time was a nightmare with all the chaos her family brought. Hermione placed lots of the eggs into the pan of boiling water. Catalina and Sorin along with all the rest of the Weasley children came stomping down the stairs. PJ claden parents followed not long after trying to make sure their kids weren't causing any hassle for Hermione. Charlie had made his way down before any of his siblings and was helping Hermione get breakfast ready for everyone. Mr and Mrs Weasley sat watching the pair. It suprised them just how perfectly in sync the couple were. Hermione placed all the food on the table and leant against Charlie as they watched both adults and kids devour the food. "Hermione this food is incredible" said Harry who had James balanced on his knee. Charlie smirked "Everyone in camp wants to be invited back here for tea. She makes good cake too. I'm suprised I'm not the size of a house.  Although all this baby making does keep me fit" The adults laughed at Hermione going red whilst the children sat confused. 

After breakfast all the families got ready for the day and assembled on the back porch. Hermione sat in a rocking chair that had dragons carved unto it. Charlie called for them all to listen to him, "Right guys any adults that want to come and have a proper look around the reserve can come with me and everyone else can stay here with Hermione and the little ones. All the weasley men said yes but Remus and Kingsley decided to stay and talk to Hermione. Ginny, Alicia and Angelina also went to see the dragons. 

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