For her protection

Hermione was smuggled out of England for her protection after a tip off from Severus Snape that she being targeted. No one but Remus and Kingsley knew where she went. After all it was For her Protection.


5. Explanations and stories

"Remus and Kingsley sent me here. To say with charlie and study. I took my Romanian newts just after I arrived and started training to be a healer. I was living with Charlie and he supported me so much." Hermione looked around, a small smile on her face. She took Charlie's hand and turned back to them. "He got hurt one day quite badly and I healed him. there were complications and it made me realise how much I needed Charlie. We went on a date the next day and after a few months we got married. I found out I was pregnant with Catalina and Sorin a few weeks later. We were overjoyed and ever since we have been living a blissful life with the kids, praying everyday that you would all survive and we could introduce our kids to you" Hermione finished with tears in her eyes. Molly grabbed a hold of Hermione and Charlie and squeezed them tight. "Ohhhh Hermione Charlie not a day went passed when we didnt think of you. I am so glad that you have been living a happy full life though. I think its time for me to meet my grandchildren." Nolly rubbed Hermione's belly and kissed Charlies cheek. 

The group made their way towards the squeals from the back garden. all the older children were splashing about in the pool and the younger ones were sat at the edges or on the grass. Catalina looked up with her sparkling blue eyes and nudged Sorin. They both looked up at their parents and in perfect timing said "Is this our family?" their accents were a mixture between English and Romanian. "Yes this is my mum and dad and all my brothers and sisters. These are all your cousins" said Charlie. The two got up and ran to Molly and Arthur and hugged them "Thank you for making mumma and daddy happy" With that they turned around and back to the pool and joined in the games. "They are gorgeous" said Molly breathless. Ginny walked over to James and a red haired 1 year old boy. "Hello James sweetie, who you playing with?" she asked him sweetly. Charlie came and joined her. "This is Danut, your one year old aren't you darling." Hermione rubbed her belly and walked into the Kitchen and started to make drinks and snacks. Moly and most of the other woman joined her. 

"So Hermione how far along are you? Do you know what you're having yet?" asked Ginny. Hermione smiled and placed a hand on her swollen stomach. "I'm 5 months along and we are having another girl. I am so glad the girls are much easier to handle." The group of women murmured agreements, after the Weasley men were a lot to handle. The women started preparing food and extending the table so that the entire family would fit. Dragos came and said goodbye as he needed to go start his shift. 

The family sat down and ate a large Weasley dinner with everyone catching up and getting to know each other. Tomorrow was going to be a great day full of fun and adventure for the group and definitely a few surprises. 

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