Loyal to the game

Well you all should know 2pac, DMX, Eminem, Dr Dre, 50cent, and The Notorious Big. This is about the world they grew up in, up in Compton. How they met and how they got famous. And about the struggles they faced in life as they were beginning to understand what they loved-RAP!.


3. 3. Crazy motherf***** n**** named ice cube

3. Crazy motherf***** n**** named ice cube 

50 cent POV

After my little  talk with dre I knew exactly where I was going. I was gonna find some peeps to assemble my crew. First stop ice cube. 

" yo my crazy motherf***** n**** named ice cube. Where y'all been at lately man" I shouted walking down the street 

" yo Curtis my man long time to see bruv thought you died in a ditch" he said  fist pumpin me 

I laughed " no man been busy" 

" what selling crack and sparring" he asked 

" yh man you know the usual mans gotta get money somehow" 

" I know anyway what brings you to me" he said as we walked through the school corridors

" y'all now Andre" 

" yh the crazy n*** who signed White boy Marshall" 

" yh that's the one. Don't talk bout his White boy like that dude gets defensive. I don't care if he's purple if he can kick beats I want him" I said imitating him

He laughed "yh and" 

"well my man wants a crew" I said 

" what crew crew?" he said shocked 

" yh crew crew" I replied 

" man he ain't done one of those since our N.W.A" he said 

" I know eazy-e's death changed him changed all of us" I replied 

" so, is he bringing back DJ Yella, an MC Ren" he asked 

" no man there of the radar settled down somewhere got married they aint rappin no more. But your an original N.W.A which is why I'm bringing you back" I said 

" okay then where we meeting at" he asked 

" the boxing gym downtown I've still got some peeps to get. Yall know anyone" I asked 

" Christopher Wallace, you know the fat n*** from English. Kid sells crack mum don't know though smart ass kid though" he said 

" can he kick beats" I asked

" yh man saw him in a rap battle on the street with lil wayne. Totally slayed him." he said 

" sounds alright I'll check him out. Oh yh lil wayne needs sorting out thinks he can rap but clearly can't and his sidekick drake they're gettin all bad ass so once were assembled were takin care of them once and for all" 

" alright see y'all later man 

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