YouTube: Mission of Death

The evil spirit of YouTube is in command once again. 10 YouTubers, 2 Teams & only 1 winner to save all their videos from being wiped. Who will survive the attack of the zombies in YouTube HQ on this mission of death?
Battle of the Fandoms Competition Entry.


2. Chapter Two

The sky was dark in colour and not a single star was to be seen. The full moon that hung high contrasted highly with the surroundings. Dark grey dismal clouds loomed and the night creatures were silent. The only thing that could be heard was the heavy breathing Team Z waiting on the other side of the gate to the YouTube HQ car park.


A bright red light flashed continuously, accompanying an alarming sound. The gates opened slowly, but the hearts of the YouTubers raced within their chests. All five raced across the carpark towards the front entrance, but that’s where they made their first mistake.

Strange figures emerged from all sides of the car park. Their bodies were deranged their skin was hanging off their bones. Many had large gouges and detached limbs. Their clothes were dirtied and ripped, they were barely covered. The expressions on their faces were worse. They were hungry and they craved something they could devour. Their large eyes popped out of their skull as they eyed all the YouTubers up and down.

“Oh. My. God.” Zoe whispered under her breath as she backed up against Tyler. All the YouTubers stood in a circle and faced outwards.

“Great, we haven’t even started and we are already confronted by blooming zombies.” Casper sighed irritated, however it was the fear inside him that was building up.

“Shh Casper!” Zoe gave him a stern look.

“Just stay close together guys.” Whispered Humble.

Tyler scanned his surroundings and noticed a little black bird sitting on top of the gate. The birds head turned from side to side and then it flew off. It flew fast and low, alerting the zombies and diverting their attention away.

“I think I know how to get in.” stated Tyler.

“What?!” the rest of the team questioned him and exchanged worried glances.

“Hush, just let me try something.” Tyler broke away from circle and started to bend down towards the floor.

“What they hell are you doing?!” Casper panicked. Tyler continued to bend down and pick up a rock. In one swift movement he threw it across the car park. The zombies diverted their attention to where the rock landed.

“Oh man, this guy wants to get us killed.” Kingsley panicked and shut his eyes tight.

Tyler gave him an annoyed look, “Hush, I think I know how to get passed them.”

“How?” Kingsley said in defeat. “They are bloody zombies!” his voice came out as a squeal.

Tyler shook his head at the lack of faith his team had. “They seem to react towards fast movement. When we ran across it triggered them. The same way they reacted when I threw that rock. We just need to find a way to get through the entrance without making fast movements.”

“Good thinking, Tyler. I have an idea.” Humble piped in.

“Go for it! Anything to get out of here and right now we don’t have anything to lose.” Zoe mumbled.

“Agreed.” Nodded the rest.

Humbled huddled everyone close together, “We are going to stay in this circular formation and we will each be linked by the arms. No one takes their eyes off the zombies. If you notice anything strange, warn the rest of the group.” He paused. “We are going to take baby steps, slowly, in the direction of the front entrance. When I say stop, we stop. When I say go, we’ll go.”

Casper interrupted, “How do we know that you’re not working against us right now? You could be making this up to get all of us trapped so you can make a run for the safe yourself.” Humble grunted as his response and sighed in annoyance.

“Casper we are Team Z. I think you know what the meaning of team is.” Zoe replied.

Kingsley spoke up. “Listen, the only way we are going to get through this is as a team. We need to get to the eight floor and we will worry about the rest later. If you don’t mind, I’d like to keep my life for as long as I can.”

“Guys, we are working as a team. I don’t think humble can afford to ditch us right now.” Tyler added.

“Right, okay guys, get in position.” Humbled said linking arms with Tyler and Kingsley. His expression was one of determination as he faced outwards and eyed the zombies. “Go!” he rasped.

Team Z started shuffling towards the entrance of the door, their shoes scrapping on the ground.

“Stop!” Humbled ordered as a zombie started to focus his attention on them.

“Tyler, throw another stone towards the gate.” Zoe had an idea. “If we distract them away from us it will give us more time to move. Tyler nodded and proceeded to throw another stone. Once again the zombies started in the direction of where the stone landed.

“Nice one Zoe.” Casper whispered.

“Go, go, go!” Humble said. The team started shuffling to the entrance door once again.

“Well done guys, keep going.” Tyler encouraged.

At last they reached the door but when Kingsley pulled on the handle, it didn’t open. “Crap!” he cursed.

“What happened?!” Casper asked, alarmed.

“The door is locked.” Kingsley traced his fingers over the key hole. “There needs to be a key somewhere.”

“Guys, I think it’s best if we unlock hands now and look for the key, but be slow.” Said Zoe.

The YouTuber unlinked their arms and started searching everywhere for the key. There was nothing on the ground, nothing was on the door. Where were they meant to find a tiny key in a big place like this?

Just then Casper alerted everyone’s attention. “Guys, look.” He pointed towards a zombie.

This zombie looked a bit different to all the other zombies. Although it was still dirty and had damaged skin hanging off its bones, this zombie wore something special. It was in a white wedding dress and it was sat leaning against the wall, like some drunken man. The dress was smudged a little with black and had tears and rips. But what caught everyone’s attention was the glimmering thing around its neck.

On a silver chain draped around the zombies neck was a key. This had to be the key for the door, but only problem was how they going to get it.

“What are we going to do?” Kingsley asked the question that was on everyone’s mind.

“Not we, I. I’ll go get the key.” Casper’s sudden bravery took them all by surprise.

“But Casper, how are you going to do that?” Zoe asked him with a worried expression.

Casper sighed, “It’s time for me to do something for the team.”

Humble spoke up , “Casper don’t. We will find another way.”

“No! Let me do this, I am confident I can do this.” Casper argued and with that he slowly advanced towards the zombie with the wedding dress.

“Hey there zombie bride…” Casper mumbled under his breath. He went right up close to it and slowly bent down so that his eyes were level with the zombies. The zombie didn’t seem phased by his movement s and continued to stare out in the distance.

Casper lifted his hand neared the necklace. The zombie bride shifted and he froze. At the sign of no other movement, he grabbed the necklace and began to run towards the rest of his team, but before he could reach them, the zombie bride grabbed his leg and started pulling him back.

“Casper!” his team gasped in fright. Soon enough the other zombies were alerted and started towards the zombie bride and Casper.

Casper screamed at the pain in his leg as the zombie bit in. He clutched the key tight in his palm and with all his strength he threw it at his team. “Here!”

Tyler caught the key in his palms and proceeded to hurriedly open the door. His pale hands were so shaky that it took several attempts for the key to go in the whole. After what seemed like days the door opened and the team piled in, giving one last look back to Casper.

He now lay on the ground with his eyes shut and a blank expression and the zombies started biting off chunks of his flesh. Tears filled Zoe’s eyes and she was pulled away by Humble.

Team Z: Casper Lee - Terminated

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