YouTube: Mission of Death

The evil spirit of YouTube is in command once again. 10 YouTubers, 2 Teams & only 1 winner to save all their videos from being wiped. Who will survive the attack of the zombies in YouTube HQ on this mission of death?
Battle of the Fandoms Competition Entry.


1. Chapter One

I am the evil spirit of YouTube and unfortunately for you, I am once again in command.

Now come on, don’t be scared. We all know this was coming. We all know that this is part of the compromise that was made. I get my way for one day and the consequences will remain. Thanks to your beloved YouTube God, whatever is about to happen to you within the next twenty four hours is his entire fault.

There are too many of you YouTubers and something has to be done. You know what they say; if you want something done you have to do it yourself. As many of you know, I love games. I feel that games are the centre of one’s life and in a couple of seconds you shall witness how I have made a cruel, but entertaining (for me) game out of your wretched lives.

I have selected ten of you weak little YouTubers and have wiped all of your videos off YouTube. But don’t you worry; there is a way you can get them back. On floor eight of YouTube HQ there is a safe in one of the rooms. In that safe there is device which will recover only your YouTube videos, that is if you can crack the code.

Easy, right?


In each corner, in each room on every floor there will be zombies of different levels of intelligence. I told you I loved games and this is going to be one hell of a game. You will each be put into two different teams. Team A and Team Z. Of course knowing you little maggots, you will help each other out within your team. However, only one can win to retrieve their videos and the rest will be wiped out. The zombies will make sure of that.

Enjoy these last few seconds before you entre YouTube HQ.


Team A:

Jeana Smith

Jesse Wellens

Joe Sugg

Lilly Singh

Marcus Butler


Team Z:

Zoe Sugg

Tyler Oakley


Humble the Poet

Casper Lee

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