The powers soft side

Luke hemmings is not as normal as any boy in fact he has powers he can do anything but he is a bad boy is that all going to change because if a girl ?


1. chapter 1

Hi I am luke I am going to school today well flying to school yep you heard FLYING I don't know how I do it but I can fly , move things with my hands , read minds , see the future , run fast , turn invisible and yeah my dad says there's is more but I am too young for it whatever that means I get dressed I am wearing am black skinny jeans and nirvana shirt I flew a apple to my hand drive to school

Hey my name is Scarlett I have a secret that I can't tell anyone but I have powers I had them for 2 years now I can calm people down ( only if there are angry ) I can spray ice and fire and wind I can fly I go to the woods every week to see if I have any new powers . Anyways I am going to a new school today my mom says look for someone with a black star on the wrist because that means they have powers too I get dressed into a grey sweater and black jeans and vans ( it's cold outside ) I grab a pop tart and head out the door .

Hey guys just wanna say I will be updating ever day after school !!

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