Hey im LaBennet Espinada Echio al'esa but you can call me Bethany. Its short for that. Read about my life right now because i have a better one than you lmao.


1. New Here


       Hi Im Bethany. I just moved here from some place all the way across the country. My parents wanted me to get away from being a hooker, but I told them it was my life long dream. I cried so hard that I pooped all over myself.

I just woke up and im going to start getting ready. I get up and stretch, getting off of my king size water bed. I walk up to the mirror and observe my long,silky, brown-blond hair. Then i look at my perfect curves and nice thigh gap. I hate my body. Im so ugly. I am so fat, fatter than that famous guy in 21 jump street.

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