Hey im LaBennet Espinada Echio al'esa but you can call me Bethany. Its short for that. Read about my life right now because i have a better one than you lmao.


2. Im back hoes


 Bethanys POV; 

I sighed and looked through my closet. My closet was only the size of our tennis court. My parents obviously hated me. I had nothing to wear. I found my favorite dress from 1st grade and put it on. The end reached right above my belly button and showed off my curves. I went downstairs and saw my mom had made breakfast. "MOM I TOLD YOU I DON'T LIKE MILK!" I said knocking everything off into the floor and ran outside crying and into my 2016 BMW. Why do my parents hate me so much? I drove to my brand new school that I had never been to before but knew exactly where it was. I parked my car in the cafeteria and got out of my car. Everyone was screaming and panicking while running around calling out for help. I looked to my left and saw 3 bodies gushing out blood. 2 were ran over by my car and one was buried under all the bricks and tables that i had crashed into when i came flying in through the wall. People were looking at me asking me what was wrong with me. Why does everyone already hate me? I just got here. I hate my life. 

I started crying and ran off into the bathroom 

When I got to the bathroom I ran into a stall. Literally. My nose started bleeding so i walked over to the sink and started washing the blood off. Then out of nowhere Zayn Malik walks into the bathroom. None of the girls around me say anything as if this was normal. 

"Hello.. I am Zayn Malik. Apparently I'm still in High School because I'm stupid as fuck. Anyways, I love you so much Britney.. You are my new girlfriend.. " 

Then out of nowhere he crashes through the ceiling and starts flying away. 

"Its Bethany!" I yell enthusiastically. I sigh and slide up against the wall. I think I'm in love. Even though I just met him I trust him completely.


Hi. Um Yeah I zayned  for like 8 months but look!! HONESTLY I DON'T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS

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